Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


I’m going to do some more research on it for sure. And I spoke too soon re:ears :neutral_face: I sneezed :sneezing_face: ears popped and now full feeling again. I’m pretty sure this is weather related as temps and barometrics are going up and down and all around. At least I hope so and not a blasted inner ear infection!!!


Update :blush: Being somewhat of a crafter these past few years I’ve collected many things related to different crafts I’ve wanted to try. I’m taking a metal paint hoop & putting screen over open side for dry trimming buds. :rose::deciduous_tree:


When you are done with it Granny take a pic, I would love to see it :slight_smile:


Okay. I have wire screen and trying to find where I put the dang tulle so I can try both😊


It’s official. The ladies have been put to bloom. Running out of room in the tent. Stay tuned my grow buddies.
To say I’m excited is an understatement. Hope you are feeling better @SmoknGranny :face_with_thermometer: I have suffered from hay fever and sinus most of my life and I sympathise with you :worried:


Awesome sauce, Chewy!


Can’t wait to start my second grow with the knowledge I’ve gained from this 1st one. Next grow will only be 2 ladies under a scrog. Not sure what strain they will be as I have a few to choose from. You must be close to putting your young ladies to flower @rodri59


@chewie57 What size is your tent?


1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m. Why do you ask my friend


Your ladies are looking wonderful. Won’t be long now :blush:
I’m feeling better up and down now with the barometric pressure. I’m just adding sinuses to my “old lady” list of ailments :rofl:


Good Mornin weed peeps! :coffee: :sun_with_face:

Sittin here enjoying yet ANOTHER cool morning! I do believe we are in for an early fall. I just hope it is a LONG fall and not an early winter. I am keeping one ear on political news to see what fake president is going to do concerning DACA and the other ear tuned into the weather channel to see what Irma is going to do. Looks like a busy week.

We watered the girly twirly’s last night. They sure look good and happy and they are getting quite smelly. Since they are not even in flower yet, I have a feeling at some point in the next couple of weeks just walking into their room I might catch a little buzz lol. If that were the case, I would probably move my TV and computer down stairs and just hang out with them all day.

So I have a question for you all. Now I know that a good many of us are on our first or second grow, but for those who have heard of or run across a strain called LSD…any experiences or know of anyone who used it their experiences with it? Not so much in growing, but the actual usage. I am eyeing this one up as a potential grow for some of the medicinal benefits I have been reading about. My concern is that in many of the reviews and details about it, it seems to be a powerful strain with something close to hallucinatory effects. I am not sure I want to experience this but if it is not too bad, it could be a potential strain I would use.

@chewie57 Yes we are making preparations to flip the switch next weekend. Son has just about finished up his grow cabinet (I am duly impressed with it! Just wish it were a touch bigger) and I need to get into my room and start looking for light leaks and sealing them up then we will be ready and our plan is to do it next Saturday. I am getting excited. I am also ordering a few more strains that I want to get started when we are about 2 weeks away from harvest for this group.

Hope you all have a great week. I am also in preparations for the trip down under; lots of washing, cleaning my camera, sewing etc etc to do, so better get started!. :wave::australia:

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Honestly Rodri: the only weed I’ve had has been the stuff I’ve grown. Not counting my dazed and confused teen years lol. Most of this stuff I’ve never even HEARD of! My wife and I got a laugh the other night while watching the series “Weeds”: she finally finds out about good pot and the first two she gets are White Widow and Og Kush. Those being the first two strains we grew ourselves hahaha.

One thing that I wish I had done sooner, and I hope you are doing now, is document your grow on a planner of some kind. In other words, have a rough map to work with but write down everything you can think of.


LOL @Myfriendis410 I don’t watch Weeds, but I have been thinking I need to start.

Yeep, I am a fanatic about documenting this grow. I have a great journal going on a spreadsheet that hubs made me, but I have found a new app that is really good so I am thinking about transferring all my information into the app. It seems a lot easier to use then what I am currently using. :writing_hand: I have been documenting from day one, not every single day, but most days I make an entry.


Good morning :sun_with_face:. I’m with you about the change of seasons. I’m hoping for the best but trying to prepare for the worst.
NOTE: Be careful of talking politics here or even literature related to same. I’m speaking from experience sadly.
I’m not familiar with that strain. I think you’re doing more reading than I am :grin: I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to try next as the white widow isn’t doing enough for my pain but does help with other issues. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Oh! I’m gradually bringing up the subject with hubby by discussing a friend in Florida trying to get approved.
It’s sounds like you’re making wonderful progress with growing and learning. I’m happy that this is a family affair for you.
Your upcoming trip is going to be so exciting. I’m looking forward to the pics!
Like you I’m watching IRMA. Some of my friends are already acting smart and preparing. I’m praying for all in the path.
Take care and have a wonderful Smokn day IMG_0569


Oh I know about political arguments. Especially in this very difficult political climate. But, well I won’t engage in an argument here. I know what I know and believe what I believe and there is a period at the end of that statement. LOL. But thanks for the warning.

I read too much sometimes, but I love learning, so its usually something informational that I am reading. Lately its info all towards this grow and future grows with an eye to making life a bit more qualitative.

You know @SmoknGranny , for pain I am finding that anything Indica dominant works for me. I think most of the “purples” work well with pain. Northern Lights has a very high pain control rating too. As for growing Northern Lights, she is proving to be the easiest and more resistant to the fumblings of a new grower. I highly recommend her from a growing point of view. I have never used it yet in relation to pain or other medical benefits so I will have to let you know on that one. I also look for strains that have a high CBD content when I am looking for pain relief or other medically related issues. I am currently looking at Durban Poison for medical. I think it is a sativa dominant but it has a higher CBD content. So who knows. Its all trial and error.


I’m excited for you flip the switch. Not much happens until about the first week, but after that, it’s NUTS! Happy growing.


Ditto on your first paragraph. I was brought up on good healthy and educated debate but that no longer applies nowadays. BIG PERIOD!!!
I appreciate your advice and I’m leaning still towards Afghan outdoor grow but I’m waiting to hear about yours and others reports on other strains. I’m not going to order anything until after the first of the year. Until I can get hubby on board I will have to stay in stealth mode which also limits my ability for tinctures etc.
I’m heading out shortly to chop down the Widows even though I don’t think they are ready. Partner is in panic mode as family from Texas is coming soon and she wants a clean up asap. I love her like a sister but I’m not going through this next year :blush:


Don’t blame you in the least. Sounds like you are on a forced time-line due to your grow partner. Good luck, I hope your widows turn out awesome!


Bigger problems now :tired_face: Just ran down to basement to set up for drying and water heater is leaking.


@rodri59 as far as strains go, I have no input on experience because honestly, I never used cannabis as a teenager. Maybe 4 times? Not to mention, nobody knew what strain it was… It was such a taboo… I was interested in the Durban Poison also, but I heard train wreck and ak-47 are also excellent. I’m interested in the more sativa dominant side, with a more functional medicated feeling. My goal is, if I have a migraine, to still be able to go to work while medicated. I’ll let you know how my other strains effect me after my harvest, but everyone is different too. Most are 50/50 mix of some kind.