Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


Very pretty @chewie57. Think of how much time and work you’ve done and it’ll be Harvest Time before you know it! Good job :+1:


Good Saturday morning everyone :coffee: is onboard and I am about to head down to the workshop and do a little organizing for the hubby.

We were talking the other night and made a big discovery. I don’t know what this means but it was interesting…So he is the bill payer/financial planner/financial strategist in the relationship. He is a spreadsheet-aholic and loves to work in his money spreadsheet. and you know what? I am thrilled to let him do it, cuz I HATE all things money related lol. But, he is a pig. So disorganized at everything else (closet, armoir, desk all reflect this).

I, on the other hand, am super organized at home, I live and die by the motto, a place for everything and everything in its place. I can’t even think straight if I am in a cluttered room or sitting at a cluttered desk. He drives me crazy and his workshop is THE worst.

So I guess we “work” …sort of like an “opposites attract” thing. It works for us. So I told him that I am happy to just let him keep on managing our finances (and he does a hella good job of it) and I will keep managing the house, pets and plants. Anyway, that is why I am going to down to organize his workshop. I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE! LOL just knowing it is so messy down there drives me crazy…and… well my girls are down there and I don’t want them living in such a mess. lol. So that was our lightbulb moment for the week.

Anyone else have that sort of symbiotic relationship going with their spouse?

Buh bye everyone off to tackle the dust, mess and bugs. I saw a vicious looking spider the other night down there. I actually love spiders, but this one should be wearing a sign that says “don’t !@#$ with me bitch” and I won’t.



Yep! I know what you mean @rodri59 I’m always throwing stuff away that we don’t need. She’s afraid of that commitment and I’m not. I emotionally detach myself from stuff, and just start throwing away. If we have t used it in over 6 months, in all for chucking it. This has however caused arguments, and my usual response is if you can remember what it was that was in there, I’ll go and get it.


@rodri59 definitely the yin and yang relationship here. My wife is an organization master. I cannot believe how much stuff she can fit into a space. I, on the other hand, feel like I’ve organized just because I shoved stuff off to the side to make the space I need right that moment. I’m the money juggler though. She has the delicate balance of keeping us off of Hoarders. I keep us out of a van down by the river. It works.

Let’s see some pictures of your grow!?!?


Hope everyone is having a good weekend :blush:
I think my grow partner is getting a little zealous about trimming. However, since she has done the bulk of the growing, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut :zipper_mouth_face:. So consequently, I came home with a grocery bag full of trim and mini buds from the Widows yesterday. All is in the process of drying and I’m trying to get semi wet trimming the buds done. What’s your plans for a trim tray? The ones on Amazon are beyond my budget so I’m wondering about stretching old pantyhose over some type of frame and that over a tray while trimming. Thoughts???


Just for you @muffybunny they are just 2 days short of 7 weeks since germination. Its getting a might crowded in thar :slight_smile: If all goes well we will turn on the flower power next weekend. :sunflower:


So pretty! Love that green.


Gorgeous. Thanks!


Very beautiful ladies :+1:


Thanks all. Its hard to believe they came from this:

Such an emotional investment! Not to mention the financial investment lol. Which hubby would insist I mention.

@SmoknGranny how are you doing these days? Healthwise I mean.


I’m doing ok and better than last week. I’m thinking that after all these years I may have developed allergies or something. I’ve loaded up on OTC stuff for ears and allergies. Old childhood friend sent me some colloidal silver but I’m leery about it. She also sent me a corset style back brace, but forgot the whips and chains for it :rofl:
Thanks for caring :hugs:


BTW I’m kicking back and absorbing The Walking Dead reruns :blush:


OOOO me too Granny, just watched one of my favs S5E1 :slight_smile: enjoy your day. :zombie:


Commercial … Tainted Meat :meat_on_bone: " and I liked Bob :sob:


Bobs B-B-Q :footprints:


Our house works about the same way except I’m pretty organized and handle the finances my wife probably couldn’t tell you when our bills are due or what’s been paid. I do the garage because, well because it’s mostly my tools and things we are storing for my 18 year old for when she moves out. But my wife handles the cooking and most the cleating inside the home and I do things outside and it works for us she picKS up after me in the house and I pick up after her in the garage


@SmoknGranny I had someone tell me to try magnesium pills so I tried one and let me tell you my aches aND pains went away I was alert and it gave me lots of energy. Mabey worth a try


Don’t be leery about colloidal silver, its great I use it for myself as well as my dogs for various things.


You’re a good man Sir :man_cartwheeling:


Good to know. I’m definitely going to look into it. Thanks :hugs: