Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


I kinda figured you’d be getting some :umbrella:️ from Harvey​:blush: I’m still praying for all and it’s not over yet.
Sounds like all is going well with the girls :+1: And yes, quality potting soil ain’t cheap. I’ve been buying next spring soil as the local stores have been marking it down here. Have a pretty good stockpile in garage and will add more when I see it on sale.
Between Benadryl and tablespoon + of cannabutter in mashed potatoes :potato: last night I got some good rest. I only flushed one ear :ear: last night and getting ready to do it again shortly. Sounded like the seashore in my head :joy: Once it’s clear I will do the other one.
I’m still upset about how I was treated yesterday by local doctors office but KARMA will handle them.


Karma is a good thing. :+1: Glad you are doing a bit better. Take it easy today as much as you can…rest and drink lots of fluids, eat healthy but light :slight_smile:

Then you can call me mom HAHA


Sorry about your treatment yesterday @SmoknGranny . No one should be turned away for service but that isn’t going to get better any time soon unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved: Sounds like the ladies are doing fine @rodri59 . LOL, I surely wasn’t saying that anyone else was wrong but mine did the same thing. It was somewhat bizarre but turned out fine in the end.


Thanks Mom:grinning: flushed again and again nothing came out. Trying other ear tonight. I’m taking it easy but have so much to do I feel like I’m never going to get caught up.
Yep @FreakyDeekie Obamacare has changed the Hippocratic Oath in the medical field. It’s sad that has happened in the USA. Like I said … KARMA.
My grow partner called last night about pruning the Widows (I haven’t seen them since eclipse). I’m not sure about topping them but told her to do what she felt best. In the meantime, clones here smell great and blooming. I’m keeping Bary on stoop and away just in case.
Thanks for all the support and suggestions. :heart:


My latest pics (yeah yeah I know just like proud new parents who like to show off pictures of their precious bundle to the point of :roll_eyes: for anyone subjected to it over and over and over and…Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me lol.)

BTW the smell is DIVINE!! I sort of hate venting it out of the house :vulcan_salute:


LOL oh that’s awesome :joy: yes those bone piles are great for getting rid of any thing organic including bodies…and the hogs will eat anything
just like quick lime lol


Glad to hear you’re feeling better. A long hot shower will open things up too…


Thanks. I’m just hoping to get this resolved asap and before winter. I’m also ordering cheap otoscope (can’t find the dogs) and Debrox from Amazon. Should be here Friday


Ain’t they purdy? They look like they didn’t mind the handling last night.

Just spent the last hour thinning one plant! Took the SCROG off and removed a bunch of leaves just to open the damned thing up! All of the inside of the plant is light starved so I removed a TON of material.


I see cannabutter on the ground there :blush: Good job :clap:t2:


Thanks @FreakyDeekie, it is not bad tasting. I’ve been using it after dinner for the past 3 nights. I haven’t really gotten buzzed. But My pain problems, and panic/anxiety escalates in early evening. And there is a huge difference and I am falling asleep very eazily. And that rest is everything to me. So it’s worth the effort that I put into making the butter. I can’t wait till I can use buds and not just the trim. Have a nice day.


Yes I have done that. Thanks :slight_smile:


I separated out all of the branches I clipped from the fan leaves and saved those in the freezer. Maybe I’ll press them. Maybe cannabutter.


I put the thinner ones in my blender. I’m saving up the bigger ones until I have a way to press or pulverize them. Remember all I do is with stealth :grimacing: And with little to no cash and other limitations. I’m tickled pink to just do what I’m doing. And have been able to eliminate all prescription drugs.


Took my ladies out for lunch today. I had a chicken salad sandwich and they had some yummy nutes. I think they were most happy to see their little sister. I had a good talk to them and explained they would be going to bed a little earlier from now on and they would be sleeping a bit longer. I told them they need to mature in to respectable women. I’m sure they smiled at me or maybe that was the bud I just inhaled. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Woo hoo. Every thing seems to be on track. Fingers and toes crossed people.


Like most teenagers, they were likely okay with the sleeping in part of it :slight_smile: They look beautiful @chewie57!

Mine are a bout a week away from their “change of life” I am waiting mostly on son to finish his grow cabinent, Its getting tight in my grow room …not a bad dilemma to have I suppose :smile::sunny:


Use a netty pot for sinus and for ears I would get some wax candels that you put in your ear and light the end. They really draw all the nasty gunk out of your ear. Then either some smoke with a cotton ball. Have someone blow smoke into your ear then put a peice of cotton in it and there is some type of oIL you can use too can’t remember what kind tho


Those ladies are looking quite delicious @chewie57 ! Very pretty! @SmoknGranny, hope you are feeling better. I had to resort to my netty pot yesterday afternoon. The ragweed is fully polluting the air and so is the army post we live near, burning off weed probably! I know they have to do it a couple of times a year. Another reason I cannot grow outside because of all of the weed burns


Thanks @Sirsmokes & @FreakyDeekie I ‘was’ doing better but kinda overdid today. Two weeks of town errands and shopping in one day and I’m worn out now. Yep. I’m pretty sure my ear problems are due to sinuses now. Need to invest in a netty pot but will skip the wax candles after my neighbor caught on fire :fire: using them.
I got to visit & trim my Widows today. They’ve exploded with flowers and buds since I saw them last. I’m going to have a very nice winter :smiley:


Nope. Not a bad dilemma to have. You’re gonna have a lot to enjoy soon.