Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


@rodri59 & @FreakyDeekie I’m heading out to walk in clinic. Been dealing with ears for last week and now afraid. If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days please don’t worry :wink:


Take care @SmoknGranny and get those ears taken care of. The allergy stuff is quite thick here SW of you Granny and I am getting the sinus and ear stuff in addition to the eyes and sneezing constantly with no relief from the allergy meds right now. (((hugs)))


Right, but the show doesn’t follow the novels for the most part :slight_smile: anyway, if you like spoilers tune in, if not look away :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck sweetie. I will be patiently awaiting your return. :heavy_heart_exclamation::ear::heavy_heart_exclamation: Good thoughts to you and your ears…


My stupid allergies kicked into high gear last week too @FreakyDeekie ugh. Hate it. :right_anger_bubble:


@Covertgrower Just watch for the words TWD SPOILERS in bold letters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, I’ll be on the look out from this point on… thanks @rodri59


And @rodri59. NO Doctor, PA or even a nurse on duty @ local walk-in clinic. Tried doctors near there & was refused medical help (no insurance) and to go to emergency room. I’m going to try treating myself.


Sorry to hear that @SmoknGranny :frowning: It sucks not having insurance - been there done that. Maybe if you tell us what is wrong, someone can chime in with some sort of help/remedie/suggestions? Just a thought…your choice. Hang in there.


Both ears feel full and some popping when I swallow, off balance, feel shaky, feel hot but no fever. History of ear problems from once flying with head cold then dental infection (all teeth removed), sinus cavities feeling full. Found some benydryl and will take after afternoon chores and try to flush ears w/3% peroxide & water per WebMD. It took all I had to drive the 14+ miles then to be treated as a subhuman was my breaking point. I’m still not sure how I made it home don’t even remember driving


Sounds like maybe an inner ear infection maybe?? Mucinex might help too. I also stand by the ol vicks vapor rub melted in some water and then tenting it and breathing in in for several minutes. It might help loosen things up a bit? Anyone else have any ideas? @FreakyDeekie


Found some musinex also. If not better in a couple of days I’ll try to get to CHI in Nebraska City. I’m thinking I am running a fever after all :disappointed: I can’t get sick again or go into sleep deprivation again


My doctor and the pharmacist both said that Sudafed is the best product for draining sinuses. A humidifier with Vick’s (the original aromatherapy!) may help too.


Thanks. I’m not up to another drive right now no sudafed and no vaporizer. I’m going to take care of outside animals shortly then eat something then take antihistamine then bed. I’m rambling. Sorry


No need for a vaporizer just melt the vicks in a pot with maybe a cup of water (use 1-2 tbls of Vicks) then sit at the table with a towel over your head and the pot in front of you. Form a tent and then breathe deeply for as long as you want. its okay to take a break from it every few breaths. Works wonders for me.


Good morning lovelies! :toastingyouallwithmycoffee: Hope you have a great day.

We are due for some of the rain that Harvey has been pouring on Texas and Louisiana. Not nearly as much thank god, but we do need some rain. It has been at least a week and my outdoor plants are looking puny.

Last night we began the process of transplanting the girls into their forever homes - 5 gal cloth pots. Wow, if you don’t use cloth buckets, I would strongly recommend them. They are great and much sturdier than I thought they would be.

I say that we STARTED the process - so consequently that means we didn’t finish. Ran out of dang potting mix! I think that one of the very overlooked costs to growing is the cost of the soil! Especially if you choose quality (read high priced ) soil. Ugh. We got 4 of the 7 transplanted and will finish the other 3 tomorrow night after we get more soil and perlite delivered.

Transplant came none-to-soon after removing them from their 2 gal bags the roots were perilously close to being root bound. We were shocked with the size and capacity of the root system! Pleasantly surprised. I expect they will really take off now that they have more room to grow. At this point - if all goes as planned and we all know what happens when mice and men plan things - we will be going to flower in a week and a half or so. getting EXCITED!

Well, I found a new app for my ipad for a grow journal and it looks pretty awesome so I am going to be playing with it today. Yes it looks pretty awesome, but complicated soooooooo now to the 64 million dollar question today is:

****Can a nearly 60 year old woman conquer a complicated app? Yeah, I will let you know HAH :crazy_face:

@SmoknGranny hope you are feeling better today…
Everyone else @Covertgrower @FreakyDeekie (thanks for the answer to my other question) @muffybunny @Spots @Myfriendis410 @Lindababy et all have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

PS my :broken_heart: is for those who have been suffering through Harvey, people and animals alike… :pray: :prayer_beads:


High Rodri! Don’t forget to put some Mykos in when you transplant and if you have some organic fertilizer, an application to the new soil for your plants to “find” can be beneficial too.


Out of likes…can you share the name of the app? Looking for an option for that too.


Hi @AnneBonny the app is called GrowBuddy (make sure when you enter it in search (android or iTunes you don’t put a space between grow and buddy) Looks very comprehensive :slight_smile: Looks like they make 2 versions, one for phones and the other for pads or tablets


You can poke through the app, you can do it. It’s ok you didn’t finish, I often do that because the kids will distract me. (It’s always something) yes, I overlooked the cost of soil, and I purchased what I thought was enough, and then bought three more bags. Oops. Happy Wednesday to you!