Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


I’m thinking since I’m rural outside and put them next to flowers :hibiscus: wasn’t a good idea. We do have ditchweed in the area and lots of :honeybee: and butterflies :butterfly: around the zinnias. I’m considering moving Bary into garage with old bird dogs near a window


Oh dear… I see “THEM” now. ugh. Sorry Granny.


Thanks @Covertgrower :slight_smile:



Now I’m confused.


That would have been my opinion as well, but you beat me to it. I’m not convinced that those are balls - especially if you can see a pair of little hairs coming out of the tips.


Thanks. I’m just going to let them grow. Now I just have to figure out what to do with Bary (revolver auto)


Hum so all might not be lost. You might want to separate them from any females at least until you can tell for sure.


Those are the only two clones that survived out of four I tried. I was thrilled with 50%. :blush:
I’m just not sure where to move Bary to. :thinking:


I just transition straight over to my flower nutes. I water/feed, water/feed then water anyway and along with the nutrients a good balanced organic fertilizer is added to the soil periodically and allowed to percolate in.


Another thing along with the organic comment, is to start a worm farm. Super easy to maintain, and you get worm castings, and worm tea. Best stuff in the world for soil. I’ll be getting a worm farm shortly.


A worm farm?! lol now I have heard everything lol. Sounds like a cool idea though. Might be worth trying down the road.

Lord now I have to worry about nute burning worms right @SmoknGranny? lol :bug::fire::fire_engine:


On my first 2 grows I put earthworms in the pots.


Sorry, I’m a newbie and I’m growing in containers outdoors. I just let them
do their thing and they are flowering on their own. Started with bloom
nutes last week. Gonna do this once a week.
As far as flushing them, I’ve never done that with any plant when
transplanting. It seems that this might traumatized them. Transplanting
trauma can cause stunted , or delayed growth and even death. But I could be
wrong with MJ it may be different. I went from small , to medium to 5
gallon forever homes. Since they are flowering already I don’t think I need
anything bigger unless I want to put them in the ground which I don’t. If I
had put them outside they would have drown this weekend with my back yard
flooded and no end in sight for the rain…good luck to you with this


So last :crescent_moon: : was watering time. I have the ladies in 2lb plastic bag pots (ugh don’t like them) We decided it might be a good idea to cut a few small holes in the bottom. These pots have holes on the sides, but none, it seems, on the bottom - so for drainage, oxygen or just because I felt like spending more time with them, we cut little holes on the bags. It was during this hole cutting ceremony we realized these girls need to be transplanted (oodles of roots were encountered).

This was also about the same time I realized that It won’t be too terribly much longer that we are going to brutally murder these lovely girls, chop off their limbs and take their “flowers” :broken_heart:

Honest to goodness I think this is going to be hard for me to do!! Anyone else here have growers remorse???

I have put my :heart: and soul into this process and I am going to miss them! Ugh. I hate being a woman sometimes, our maternal instinct can interfere with good intentions. :wink:


There are more affordable options, but I’ll be getting a worm farm eventually. Here’s an example. You can literally put just about anything in there and it disappears! (No bodies, that’s the pig farm)


TWD IS AWESOME!!! Our favorite show!


Stay tuned @muffybunny As I get info I will pass it on :slight_smile: Unless you don’t like spoilers, then tread carefully :crazy_face:


Just warn me please before you do… I hate spoilers. My better half is the worst at that. Why do I watch stuff with her? I dont know… @rodri59


I know tons of spoiler-ish info @rodri59 from the graphic novels, although certain events seem to happen to different characters and timelines don’t always match up. Good stuff though.