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@muffybunny I feel guilty that you used up all your likes on my (and others) craziness :cry:

So, sorry, not sorry. LOL Hopefully I can keep you on your liking spree…

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OMG I could have swore someone here mentioned that The Walking Dead is one of their guilty pleasures, but I can’t find the post now :woman_shrugging:…of course it could be my brain cells banging together again. I get some pretty wicked hallucinations when that happens. :whale:

In the event that someone DID mention liking TWD, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show and I have some inside scoop from time to time (some of you might remember I said I had friends in LOWER places?) And it helps that it is filmed about an hour from me. and I know people…they might not claim to know me, but gosh darnit I know them and they sometimes tell me things. Or its my imagination again. I dunno. either way let me know if you want spoilers cuz I have good ones every so often.



@rodri59 If you do choose to share TWD spoilers, please use the “blur spoiler” option - I watch it when it comes out on NetFlix and I like the suspense of not knowing what’s coming next! :metal:t4: :v:t4:

Thank you :sunglasses:


It’s me! I’m the Walking Dead fanatic. Between dogs and hubby interrupts I watch all the reruns to catch-up on the scenes I miss. So yep I’ll take anything you can add. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


@SmoknGranny you got it sweet pea. and for @blackshirt I have no idea what “blur spoiler” is and can’t be arsed to figure it out…soooo for you and any others who don’t like spoilers I will head my spoiler posts with…drum roll TWD SPOILERS.

It will be your responsibility to avoid those posts. nuf said…

TWD SPOILERS (well sort of, but nothing serious)




I visited set two weeks ago, filming is still going strong, lots of fire and blow up scenes this coming season. If you follow the graphic novel, this season looks to be following the “All Out War” story line.

The mid season finale was filmed the end of July first of Aug and it was ear splitter.
There were also rumours that our beloved Glenn (Steven Yeun) and possibly Abraham and Merle were on set a couple times likely for some flashbacks. So far it APPEARS that all main characters are still alive…

and just in case you missed it, here is the trailer for the season 8 premier:

Enjoy buttercups PS watch ALL THE WAY to the end


I actually have lights mounted about 12 inches from the bottom of the box all the way around. To be honest I really haven’t noticed any substancal growth but I’m trying to devise a way to put led mounted on the sides


Love, love, love TWD but I have to say that Breaking Bad is still #1 on my list! We hit ABQ during the second half of the last season, went to a viewing party, visited all of the shooting sites, Los Pollos Hermanos, The Dog House, The Route 66 highway café, visited Tohajiilee but were unable to obtain permission to do some exploring of shooting sites out there. My SUV is 4 WD but I don’t use it that way, LOL


@FreakyDeekie are you watching “Better Call Saul”?


Oh yeah! It’s painfully sad to see Jimmy devolving into the Saul we know from BrBa


LOL IKR?! The first two seasons were sort of a bore for me, but this last season I couldn’t get enough.

His brother is a dick :angry:

Hubby still parks himself in front of the tele when a BB marathon is on lol.


Me too! And I have all of the DVDs but they still suck me in with a marathon, every time!


Okay, well lets return to the original intent of this journal for just a moment…

To anyone with any advice or experience to offer: @FreakyDeekie @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Lindababy @Fever @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @garrigan65 @BlackShirt @Donaldj

So, my littles are roughly 6 weeks old today they are currently in 2 gal plastic bag pots (do NOT recommend them) we are going to be transplanting them into 5gal cloth pots this week. Then we will wait about 2 weeks more and put them in flower. Here is the question:

Do any of you advise or have experience with flushing before then go into flower? I read in a few places that some recommend flushing to basically “clean” the soil and give them a fresh start with flowering nutes. Is this something that you guys advise? and if you do, did you just use ph’d water or do you use something like Sledgehammer?

The girls are in FFOF and will be transplanted into FFOF. We have been giving Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/2 strength for a week now. and will likely keep feeding for the next two weeks, maybe working up to full strength.

They are under 400watt MH (at 50% intensity due to heat) and 10 23 watt CFL bright lights. We will be replacing the MH with HPS and a couple of the CFLs with 4 LED grow lights.

They are roughly 1.5 feet tall (some are 16 inches, some are 20 inches depending) we have topped or fimmed them all.


Okay. Time to set up new topic TWD Spoilers for Stoners :blush:


Love it! :heart: Build it and they will come!


Bary, clone 1 & 2 I think clones are hermes​:sob::weary:


Well little Bary looks like she is making a strong recovery…

Sorry that the clones are possible Hermes :frowning: What makes you think that Granny?


I am not seeing what you are seeing @SmoknGranny I don’t see anything hermie on there, I hope you are wrong!! Bary is getting to be such a big girl!!


Tried to take a better pic with iPhone. Dingleballs on both
@FreakyDeekie also


Oh, I see them in that aspect


@rodri59 yes you use the sledgehammer product. Pour water in until it’s leaking out the bottom. I have yet to do this… and I’ve already flipped the switch… I’ll be ordering the foxfarm bloom series on Tuesday. I’ll still continue to add the kelp and humic acid though.