Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


LOL :joy: I certainly will. I’m waiting for harvest before trying canna meatloaf. :blush: Of course I’ll have to make ‘regular’ for hubby. Trying to figure out what HE will eat, good recipes for that, then edging him into it without OD is a challenge in and of itself. BUT if has even a chance for helping him, well, I have to try.


Of course you do! You are a good wife and woman :slight_smile: Good luck with it, I sure do hope it helps.


that sounds nummmmmy… :drooling_face:
a friend did that and then made a batch of candied walnuts, IT WAS PHENOMANIAL!!!
i need to make some herbal butter


I gotta write some of these ideas down…Candied nuts sounds awesome, especially for the holidays!!!


i would like to suggest the candied nut, barring some kind of allergy, he would be able to eat just a little bit and increase the dosage from there. done right no earthy/greeny taste what so ever. (mums the word) :point_right::nose:


@rodri59 & @greenthumbfun Sadly, he’s not much of a nut eater. I was until dentures :laughing: so I’ve been thinking of grinding nuts and adding honey and cannabutter for sweet rolls. I may have to write a cookbook!

In the meantime, my Dilemma is ethical. I’ve already had to make life/death decisions for others which was not easy. Now do I sneak MJ to hubby or not. My use is and was MY choice for me. You see where I’m at. Trying to balance the scales here.


i feel you there Keep up the good fight :peace_symbol:


Well if he suffers and has great prejudice against it,he may never know the wonderful relief that is cannabis


I get it Granny. I suppose that whether it works or not, he will likely just fall asleep and be none the wiser. If it were me?! and its not, but if it were, I think I would do it and just observe. It won’t hurt him and it could possibly help him. Once you decide if it will help, then you can worry about how/when/what to tell him.

I dunno, I guess maybe that is not ethical, but from what you have described, he is dead set against it and…he might not be thinking clearly (with head injury sort of thing)

Anyway, I get it. I am in your corner should you decide to go for it.


True! And from what I’ve read and what others here have told me this may be my only option for what is available to get him somewhat functional. Once I try a few recipes on myself and growing partner, then I’ll be able to adjust for hubby.


Good Monday morning - not for me tho sigh I’ve got to get up & take all my kids to my teens formal meeting with school principal. But a nice start to my day getting tagged in and reading about yr weekend @rodri59 :green_heart: I’ve no clue what this Berber carpeting is… My carpets are toddler trashed, currently can’t see under the mess to what floor looks like :joy: Two tiny toddler tornados trashed my tidied home straight after it was cleaned up anyway.

@Lindababy I made my first batch of canna coconut oil last week, baked it into my first ever attempt at brownie, success! Then yesterday I melted some of my fav chocolate with some canna coconut oil and poured into molds creating chocolate edibles :chocolate_bar: Soo mch fun cooking cannabis then cooking with it!

@SmoknGranny I got my partner to try my attempts at edibles twice this past week, he had a chocolate last night & piece of brownie last week & loved it! My mans a drinker not a stoner, so I surprised he was keen, I use for mental health issues - I hope yr hubby can come around to the immense relief this medicine gives us :green_heart:


I’m right next to Ft Myers. Cape Coral got 10.5 " since Friday. And it’s
still going on. But it could be worse. It’s not a hurricane. I like the
idea of adding garlic. This is my first ever batch so I went by the
recipe. I thought of making it with Honey next time. We’ll see. Next time
I’ll be using flower and not just leaves. And making the bigger batch. I’m
a lightweight so it’s all just one big science experiment for me right now.
It sure made the house smell like weed for a while though lol. Have a great
week. I’ll letcha know if I catch a little buzz off this butter.


I love the garlic idea @SmoknGranny but I would be wary of having garlic in a pot for that many hours. It tends to go bitter when left at certain temps for too long. I wouldn’t toss it in until you were halfway done. Maybe others have done it so I could be wrong


I sure hope you guys are decarboxylating (activating) your medicine before making anything out of it , butter , oil , tincture or whatever else you can think of… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Thanks for the advice. Cooked first batch for 24 hours so easy enough to add towards the end. Trial and error, but so’s like most of my cooking :rofl:


Thanks. He has several health issues both mentally and physically. He’s also had adverse reactions to ADDERALL (thanks to stupid psychiatric nurse in Wichita) and anesthesia. I’m thinking of just bringing up the subject of medical marijuana to him on one of his clear thinking days just to get a read on his thinking now. Unfortunately those days are few and far between.


@SmoknGranny I’ve been off & on pharmaceuticals for mental health since aged 11yrs, they’ve never truly helped and mostly !@#$d me up. Paxil discontinuation syndrome aka withdrawals - first time I experienced, age 19yrs when I worked in a call centre, after forgetting to pick up repeat & running out, an ambulance was dispatched because I got vertigo & fell off my chair… If you’ve ever experienced Paxil withdrawal you’ll know how messed up it can make ya. I was 21 before I tried cannabis & 30 before I got sober & off everything except canna meds. I’ve done way better with mental health stability these last 7yrs than the previous 30yrs :green_heart: I still struggle just not as badly. I wish I’d followed my sisters path of finding cannabis age 14 & not using pHARMa meds & hard drugs & alcohol as self medications. But that’s not my story. At least I’m doing a whole lot better now - I’ve found that hemp seed oil infused with charlottes web high CBD cannabis can help get me out of the house, no muddled thc high that can trigger anxiety attacks in me, just a sense of peace & calm. I use thc for my mood at home where I feel safer, and CBD for helping me feel safer when not home. I hope yr hubby can find relief and you can enjoy his improved mental health :green_heart:


Discovering this journal ran me out of likes for the day. Hilarious!


Oops sorry @Dumme - thanks for edit :+1:t2::sunglasses::green_heart:


Thanks for sharing your story. It gives me hope :hugs: Might sound funny to some but I will settle for just getting back half of my husband.