Memories! Hash, do you remember?

Back in the mid 70’s I was stationed in Germany. There was no such thing as Marijuana, only Hash…hash…hash! Any way some of the best at the time was called “Afghani Black Hash”. When you got a “plate” it had Camel stamps. 5 Camels was the best.

How would I make something similar to what that was back then?


There are so many different ways, I would suggest searching “how to make hash” on YouTube and see which looks best for your needs. It can be as simple as water, heat, and your hands.

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I like the dry ice method instead of ice and water. Took a 220um bag filled with sugar leaves and larf and 3lbs of dry ice. Sifted 3 times over a dark table. Collected the dust (Trichomes). 1oz from 2 plants. Potent stuff. Could easily compact to hash, but it’s easier to measure in dust form. I would suspect you would have to start with afghani bud/leaves to get what you are looking for.


I was just reading an article the other day discussing the high levels of fecal matter contained in most hash, especially “bullet” shaped hash.
Apparently it has to do with the method of “transportation”.

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Just another reason to grow/make your own!

I dont believe it! Lol

I believe it

Im ex military so I’m a little prejudice against middle eastern people like those from Afghanistan or Pakistan. For the record they don’t like us either. I watched a video of an Afghani making black hash and I won’t ever smoke it again. They use hands and feet to work the resinous material into a disk. My point is the fecal matter could have come from anywhere. Those nasty sobs :nauseated_face:


It was another universe. Looking back at this remote period i vaguely recall that quality often felt suspicious while other types of vilification just escaped my attention, starting with a consumption method which eventually became my favourite (it’s labelled as “Tokeu” on the left side):


This tool almost solved the issue of hot embers making tiny holes in my clothes, on top of keeping the smoke inside between 2 tokes. Those were days with no internet to compensate for a deficient environment where reality got scrambled by socio-toxic propaganda. How can i forget watching “Christiane F. – Wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo” at a rebate price, in a cinema of Montréal:

It was supposed to “educate” with Bowie’s “Heroes” song playing as the main theme…

Although at the time i had already tried hot knives many decades were actually needed to clear confused perceptions inherited from this epic era. Dry cannabis came much later and i hated having to deal with leaves, then it seemed i’d never enjoy noble molecules again after i quit in mid-2007. My discovery of vaporizers 3 years later was accidental - and a blessing initially…

My former hascish habit used to induce physical reactions which i thought to be psycho-somatic, the smell alone caused me to have a cold nose in pure anticipation, for example. So it felt most pleasing the day i “reclaimed” condensed honey from my HerbalAire unit, then evaluated QWISO: quite clearly there would be no going back!

Then i found out even vaporizers can become a vector of vilification too, by failing to address matters such as economical stress (each bowl required ~300 mg only to offer alternative pleasures like aroma/taste appreciation). Then boom! Some revelation hit me after i started to look through a USB microscope:

Trichome glands are a gift of mother nature, this is convenient packaging of valuable substances effectively filtered at an unbeatable cost after being collected on a molecular basis at the site of genesis… Why would i want to trash such treasure with not-so-noble vegetal substrate potentially infused with potential contaminants including pesticides?!

Compared to my reminescent memories of hascish i find dry flowers not submited to industrical processing invite a more respectful consumption method focussed on “The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation”. My present consumption method has been adapted accordingly and i don’t regret the trade-offs considering the sense of freedom that was gained.


Once in a while i still like to evaluate hascish simply to enjoy its rich spectrum of tasty hints, though i now consider that’s a mix which belongs to a distinct lifestyle that no longer appeals to me the way it used to. YMMV i presume.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol: