Membrane left after top cap pops

Has anyone ever encountered a seedling that pops thru the soil, pops the cap and a brownish membrane was remaining in place holding the two starting leaves together?

Under a magnifying glass I was able to loosen the bio-condom and remove it.
I used a drop of warm water, a sewing needle and a push pin to gently unfold and peel away
the shower cap on my seedling.

Does that mean my seedling is screwed OR does it still have a chance?
It was sitting like this for 2 days.
I sincerely hope someone will tell me it’s a common happenstance and I’ll be just fine!
Actually I won’t be a bit surprised if there isn’t any hope. That’s just how my luck tends to go.

Yes the membrane is common, and that is what I do as well, just have to be gentle.


Just give it a couple days and it’ll be fine.
Just had one myself.




Thank you gentlemen for your advice. Obviously I’m new in this hobby and haven’t seen this yet.

I genuinely Thank You both for the clarification.
You two have an awesome week.

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