Melting snow to water in winter?

Hi all. For those of you who live in northern areas (I am in Central Alberta) and grow indoors, what do you do for water during the winter? Melted snow? Bottled water of some sort? Tap water? I’ve been using rain water this fall, but curious what’s is best when it gets too cold for that to be an option.

This is what I water with. The fish love the water change and the plants love the low ppm drink. Ppm are normally around 340 to 360.

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Hmm… I used to have fish and have kinda wanted to get some again. Maybe this’ll be enough to convince the wife. :slight_smile: Do you use any other nutrients? Or is the fish byproduct enough?

I use super soil. I start my plants in 2 gallon pots for most of veg. Fish water only. I’d say during veg the fish water is enough nutrients. About two weeks before I flip the lights I transplant directly into super soil. This time around in 7 gallon pots. Two weeks later I flip the lights and water with Fish water through flower. Seems to work great. I used the fish water for my outdoor grow.

Here’s a look at my plants using this method. I flipped my lights a little over a week ago.


When i cant get ahold of fresh rainwater, i use spring bottles water… when i dont have that, i use tap water, either set out for 6-12 hours to let chlorine dissolve, or with added dechlorinator (like wat u use for fish). All work just fine. But u should check the ppms of ur tap water before using

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