Meizhi viparspectra or mars hydro?


Hi guy if you had let say 150 to 200 extra to spend which led light would you buy?
I already own a 300w mars hydro and its doing great along with a gazillion cfls but I would like to add another led to the bunch and i was hoping if you guys can help me with my decision since I am new to leds and I have zero knowledge on this .
The top 3 brands that i found with a good amount of positive reviews within my budget was Meizhi viparspectra and mars hydro
Thanks to all


I have a Mars 300 and a vipatspectra 300…i can’t tell u which is better but, the viper has more white lights than the Mars… My new purchase will be a 900w MEIZHI…

it’s hard to beat for 189 shipped


Wow you really cant


I have a 600 and a 900 Viparspectra. Love them both. This is my first grow with just the 600


I have 2 Viparspectra 900’s. Just started but happy so far. I like the Veg & Bloom switches.


Check the Mars website. They have a black Friday sale now. I got the mars2 700 for 261$


I have 3-300 and a 600watt meizhi never had any problems great costumer service and the price you can’t beat


I have a 1000 watt king plus and 2 Meizhi 450 watt reflector series and I love the Meizhi lights mine were 109 when I got them on Amazon with a veg and bloom switch

they are 195 true watts and my 1000 w king is only a few more than that


Yea men. I am debating between the meizhi 450 or 600 and the viparspectra 450 or 600 mars hydro not so much because their policy on warranty and repair is kinda weird


I hear some bad things about mars…the tech is okay but what i understand they have trouble with whole portions of led’s just stop working. If you ask me thats a risk i wont take, so i use 2 galaxy hydro 300 w with a few cfls for added support and assorted color temps for 6 plants hardy and worked fine…not sure about the other brand you mentioned, but the reviews on the galaxys are all good as far as i could tell, but i feel they are l better suited in flower with mostly red but still good for veg with added cfls. Hope that helped in some way…lol…goodluck! Oh they also a have a few UV leds in each galaxy light and ive never had a mold issue, even the biggest buds have never had a problem…knock on wood.


I am very pleased with with my Meizhi 450 s my plants love them


I have a Mars 2 900w 421w actual draw and a 600w hps in my tent I like them both. but to stay on topic. I love the Mars 2 it is a really good buy if you do get one I paid 328$ for the Mars 2 900w. it’s good up to I would say a 3x3 or a 3.5x3.5ft max flowering spread. first grow yielded 19 oz off the Mars 2. 6 plants in a 5x5 scrog. 2mo veg 2.5mo flower. nector for the gods full nute line. I’m new to the site I thought this was a fake site still have to order seeds we will see how that goes but all is good so far. my Mars 2 900w is 10 months old no issues so far. very well built


Thanks for the tip and the info on the leds. By the way welcome aboard. This is a great site and the people here are super great and awesome and the seeds are top quality. I am currently growing 3 ak47 auto that i bought from this site and i also ordered super skunk and white widow both autos. This site doesn’t just sell you seeds they also make sure you get the most out of your seeds with all the tips and help support you get from here.


@bigtimers227 just got my first Nectar for the gods line . How long have you been using this line of nutrients? So far I am loving what I see . Hope it stands up to the fox farms trio for results. Seeing as how they dont use salts as a stabilizer there should be no build up . A couple less flushes sounds good to me


Hey guys I went with this one I hope I made a good choice mars hydro reflector 96 96*5w 480w but 207w from the wall


If nothing else, it looks damn coo! :slight_smile:


hands down way better then the fox farm I run the nector for the gods pro level feed schedule. I recommend getting all the bottles and following exactly what there schedule says. I also run microbe life nutrient line. slf-100 every week to break down the existing buildup of the very little salts that come into play when using the NFTG line also I mix 5ml of nourish-L 2 times a week and 15ml of photosynthesis plus 1 time a week


yes you made a very good purchase on that light! Mars 2 all the way


I also use microbe. Photosynthesis, nourish L and fruit and yield enhancer with fox farm base nutrients. I love it I was using 5 ml per gallon then I upped it to 20ml per gallon and it really blew up but I might just stay at around 5 to 10 ml


I hope you got that on the black Friday sale?