Meizhi grow lights


Has anybody used the meizhi 450 grow lights and how did it work


i have two 1200w that are pretty awesome @bobbyt16


I have three of the 300 watt and love them.


I have 2 450s and my water was so laden with calcium that my dehumidifier sprayed calcium dust in the air and went in the light. Thebfan oushed the dust out and it clogged my plastic shielding.
After about 6 months I finally removed the plastic cover and they are bright and not as hot.


@BIGE @Myfriendis410 @Fever what size grow space are you using those lights in?

I’ve got 3x 900W in a 4x8x7 foot tent. This should be the perfect amount of light, but I really feel like it is too much. I’m having a lot of trouble keeping the heat down below 77 degrees and the humidity above 30% and I’m not even running the bloom switch on and of them yet! Can’t imagine how I’ll manage when it comes time to flip to 12/12.


I also have two of them and I love them along with the 600 and the 300s can’t beat the price for sure


And also when I run mine With both switches on from start to finish so I’ll leave them in veg at 18 on six off with both switches on and on 12 off 12 for flower


my two are killing a 5 by 6 foot area…


need fans blowing and a good filter to pull the heat out may need a Small humidifier to bring up your humility


I’ve got two fans going 24/7 to circulate the air and a great 6 inch exhaust fan. Been running two humidifiers at full power with lights on, nearly 3 gallons evaporated per day. About 30-35% humidity with lights on. Goes to 90% at lights out. The humidifiers are controlled by the light timer and only run during lights on.


I use two in my starter tent because I like the spectrum for veg. The 3rd one is in my flower space because I have it haha!


Do you no the actual wattage of the 450 and the 600


I have one meizhi 450w in it’s pulling 192w(220v) from the wall… The 600 is around 250w


You are evil with that side lighting woah!!


How bot at 110 volts


The 450 is 195 watts at 110 volts
The 600 is 277 watts at 110 volts


So i can i grow 6 or 5 plants under the 450


Some should take note of your comment. Plastic, glass, or anything else in front of your diodes is a photon killer and holds in heat hampering their performance. You do give up some protection, but your lights will definitely perform better without them.


No… I was be able to squeeze 2( not so big plants)

under my 450w


Depends on the size of your grow area. You need 50 true watts per square foot of space.
2x4 tent = 8 square feet x 50 = 400 true watts.