Meizhi 600w Is Worthy!

I just wanted to share with the ilgm family.

I am not sure why people poop on these cheap Chinese lights.

I have 20 days ish left and the results of this light is amaaaaazing.

If I were a betting man I would bet that the end dry yield will be .8grams per watt.



Looking great my friend! :+1:

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Thanks my dude!!

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looking great @BoulevardC90Rider
i run two 1200w meizhi’s and i’ve had great luck with them!
i never bashed them,but i did evolve by building my own lights…
meizhi’s are still chugging along,and will be there until no longer effective…
.8 grams a watt is good!


I love mine too

I have a flock of them your girls will be awesome they sure look great


2 of those?! Does that produce a lot of heat?

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Geeeeezus it looks like a film set my dude hahahhaha


i have a great vent system,they do put off some heat…it is manageable


My first light was a meizhi 450. It does the job fairly well. I can’t really complain about it, I just wished I’d spent that first $400-$600 on cobs or quantum boards vs. amazon blurples.


What was your average yield with the 450?

I only did one grow with just the m450, and developed ph lock in flower. That yielded just under 1oz of small bud, 1oz larfy bud, and a good 1.5 oz of trim/lower budlets.

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