Meihzi 450w Real or fake?!?!?


Hello everyone! I ended up getting the Meizhi 450w after reading some posts on this forum. However, yet again I have another question.

Mine arrived without glass covering the panel. Did I order a fake Meizhi 450w? I ordered from Meizhi on Amazon. Please help?!??!!



looks like the real deal to me @BoulevardC90Rider


Hello friend! I thought to be UL certified led panel it must not have the diodes exposes?


there are lens over diodes,individual ones…lol
mine are the same.


Oh I was under the wrong impression. I thought diodes needed a glass pannel incase one diode melts it won’t cause a fire. Thank you!


I honestly have considered removing the glass on my three 900W Meizhi Reflectors. I feel like they are blocking some of the light from getting out. I can clearly see haze on the glass and I’ve had them for only a year.


That’s the real deal buddy


Thank you for your input everyone!


so what do you have in mind for growing with that 450w?
and welcome aboard @BoulevardC90Rider if you have any questions do not hesitate to holler,…
if i do not know the answer i can steer you where you can…lol
anyways,happy growing!


I’m pretty sure the ul 1598 is the standard on what it must have to be labeled for wet or damp locations. As the others have stated, if the leds are covered in any way is probably sufficient to get the label. We of course understand that suitable ul labels don’t necessarily mean we can hose it down. You would be more looking at IP rating for that. And then you need to make sure it’s not something like an IP 67 rated plug, with no rating on the fixture itself.


@Hogmaster uses these lights hes be able to help
Answer your questions


I have in mind one L.S.D. plant @BIGE . Thank you for the warm welcome!!!


I have 2 of the same light and looks Exactly the same you will love it I actually had my 450 over my gold leaf and this was the turn out!! I have many of their lights 3-300s 1-600 2-450s

and now here is my flower room all meizhi


Oh my that is a lot of lights!!! Can you still see? Hahaha. What is your size tent? Do you have heat issues?


@BoulevardC90Rider I made a room with panda plastic 6x12 I’m getting ready to switch to my lec 630 w with Phillips 3100k bulbs


@Hogmaster I have a 2x2x5.5 grow tent. I am under the impression from what I read that the 450w meizhi is perfect for me.

Unfortunately in the forums some say that the Meizhi 450w lacks in flowering. But they domt seem to be the majority.


I will give you a tip keep both the veg switch in the bloom switch on throughout the entire grow


@Hogmaster even for the seedling stage?


@BoulevardC90Rider Yes sir all the time your getting the most out of the light this way my old 300s pull 196watts from the wall there older and have more power then the new but still work just as good in my opinion meaning I like the new too my 300s have no switch