Megacrop in apotforpot superb soil?

Hey guys… Does anyone know if it is beneficial to add dry amendment nutrients such as mega crop to my plant at this point. It’s at day 37 and is barely starting to pre-flower. It is in apotforpot superb soil which I know is supposed to have all it needs already in it. I actually know that it does because I’ve grown 2 harvest with just watering and had great results. But I’m wondering if I could use mega crop as a little boost?? Any input and feedback welcome and appreciated


Nice plant! It looks like she’s a bit stressed from the LST though. It is Low Stress Training after all. Try loosening up on the binds. Now that she is beginning to flower, she will become more rigid and less bendy. You can of course add additional nutrients if you like, the Superb Soil being so hot, we do recommend to start with 1/3 of whatever is on the label. During flower we like to add a tsp of honey or molasses to the water here and there as a lil boost! :honey_pot:

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Ok awesome! Thanks so much for the response and the advice. you guys rock!

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