Mega Smoothie Recipe

Decarboxylate an amount of bud of your choice, i used 1/8 ounce

Add it and 1 to 2 cups ice cream to a blender with some milk

Blend until smooth.

  • instant coffee and other options work

Gulp it and smile :smiley:

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It has a texture like a nutty iced cream soda, from a previous generation and time. And the extra fiber is harmless.

One thing is sure - it is much faster than baking brownies


If I consumed an 8th in one sitting I would be a zombie for 3 days.
I can eat a decarbed piece the size of a pea and be good for hours.
I am the “cheap drunk” of the cannabis world.


@Spiney_norman , cheap drunk made me laugh. I’m a lightweight too. One good hit & I’m done for hours.

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I would probably vomit uncontrollably for 3 days, then be a zombie for 3 more. :joy:

Same here. I get high just being near my wife while she takes fat bong rips.


@Graysin , I figured you’d be high tolerance. That’s what I get for ASSuming lol.

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I smoke every day and eat edibles we make at home: one bong rip and I’m trashed. I thought I was chronic but these potent strains are almost too much. I don’t get any more high when doing dabs either.

Personally I don’t like the ‘weedy’ taste so I do a QWET extraction and run it through my Source Turbo. Then dose my edibles by weight.


I will decarb a bud while making the wifes “Cookies” and keep it next to my recliner.
Then I just break off a small piece and eat it. It taste just like you expect but I wash it down with water and then eat a snack. Over in a couple minutes. I don’t even try to hide the stuff in other food. One of the perks of having low tolerance. Takes a couple hours before I feel it.
Haven’t found a strain I enjoy eating yet. Mostly makes me feel like I took too much Nyquil.

I hear that, for some reason I get a good buzz smoking but don’t have much luck with edibles yet.

Even dispensary bought Eddie’s, like gummies

But then, I think my current grow is going to be radically more potent because I may have unintentionally nutrient starved my last one.

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Some folks are actually edible-immune. I would try a decarbed 1/10th of a gram of RSO or another concentrate, and see if that sends you. If it doesn’t, you probably are one of those unlucky few.