Mega Crop 4x4 Foursome

Welcome everyone this will be my second journal. Tune in if you’re interested in watching me grow some good weed! I welcome anyone to add tips or advice, or if you learn something that’s great too!

What strain: Violator Kush, 510 Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Peach Puree CBD

Method: FFOF

Vessels: Solo Cups < 3Gallon Smart pot (7 gallon later)

PH of Water: 6.0 - 6.7

PPM/TDS; Mega Crop

Indoor grow tent

Light system: 450w Vipar(VEG), Series 3+ 260 watt panel Budget LED(Flower), 100 watt HLG QB, 100 watts worth of panelling. Total 400/460 watts out of wall.

Temps; Lights off 74 to 79; on 79 to 84

Humidity; Lights off 70 lights on 55

Ventilation system; 6’’ Cloudline t6

AC, Central, nothing in tent.

Co2; Nope

They’re a little leggy bit I got them a new light now they’re sitting around 6k lux.

Everyone who was a part of my first journal welcome if you’re interested!!
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Im using Mega Crop as well. Im happy with the ease so far.

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Out of likes but set to watching!!! Cant wait to watch some beautiful plants grow!!

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Better watch out for the Peach Puree CBD strain. You’ve seen my photos of her and she is a Beast among Beasts.


Welcome thanks guys. I’m going to go for the challenge @MrPeat I think I can keep her trained. The viparspar blue spectrum really helps keeping them short. I’ll be sure she’s right in the middle.


@Spiney_norman It’s pretty simple. Best part is the pH. I love it

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@MrPeat I was never able to find your peach puree pics

Set to watch. His should be fun!

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Got my popcorn

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I’m tuned to watching and buckled up for the adventure :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


O Yea bro, ding, ding, ding… As the train rolls out of the station we are off and going… Lol


I’m following along for the ride!

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Wicked thanks for the tag set to watching.

What’s the deal with MC PH? I’ve heard lots about it I know it’s cheap and has tons of good stuff in it you still need your cal mag though of course right.
Unfortunately it’s got kelp so it’s had issues with people who run in autopots or some hydro applications but for soil should be great.thay being said transplanting photos in ffof should keep you from feeding for a while.

All photos I take it?


Thanks welcome all. @Nicky yes all photos. I actually am finishing up a group of plants I used mc all through flower. So I have some experience. On this journal I plan to test it through veg. I won’t need a whole lot pairing it with ocean forest.

If you use the recommended doses it will pH to around 6.5 for you.


Not sure what you mean about the PH?

My dry nutes (using the chemgro 4-20-39) drop my PH but it works for me because my wates 7.5 or so.

Are you saying your water is 6-6.7 from the tap? Or are you shooting to feed 6-6.7?
Just confused how you stated in the first post.

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My water is always above 8. I dump the recommended dose in and it drops to about 6.5. @Nicky


Yeah gotta love that for nutes lol, k just wanted to clarify.
So your feeding 6-6.7

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Watching :sunglasses:

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This should get interesting. Thanks for da vite.

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