Meet Veronica and Betty and Wilma

I’m a first-time grower. I started Veronica as a seed on August 19. She grew so well that I got all excited and ordered two more +1 kits. I started Betty and Wilma on September 2. All seeds are Girl Scout Cookies.

What do you think?

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Welcome to the community! Off to a great start!


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Welcome here! Loads of great info and response time on questions are fast with some great collective experience. I love that you named your girls. Mine are just called #1, #2, #3 and so forth. It makes it easier for my husband to know which one I am talking about being that he has that engineering mindset of numbers. :upside_down_face:

Thanks! I already have names picked out for my next two. They will be Juliette Gordon Low and Mrs. Goldstein. (Because the strain is Girl Scout Cookies)

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