MeEasy what is going on now

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Well I don’t think I’ll be able to keep 8 in my auto tent, the Red Gorilla Girl is trying to take over in there lol I like how they are growing though all I did is top them n push the branches sideways to fill the empty space between them they grew short n fat on their own… wedding cake did nothing like the last two (left back corner) she’s taller but open for good light penitration I’ve supercopped her to slow her growing up… gg4 (right corner) is the one I accidentally tried to kill she has definitely come around very nicely… the two CJ are growing just like the last two I grew they’re staying real small hoping they’ll get a good stretch, the one on the right is still growing leaves in all directions with some discoloration but are healthy. The cheese berry was evicted and is now over in the 4x4 I needed the room. I’ll probably do the one n only top dressing and first defoliation this weekend the four back ones are showing flower I think they’re in week 5


They are all still different ages lol I ran the light in here at 70w all this week to try and stretch the atf n silver all I managed to do is keep anything from growing at all until yesterday morning I cranked it up to 250w and everything in here grew more yesterday than they did all week I’ll just have to deal with the short node spacing. Strawberry is all tied down (supercropped one middle branch was getting way taller than the others???) and will now start turning up so I have to keep the light on or I’ll mess up the node spacing on the colas, I have to remember she’s a haze and will end up 10 feet tall if I don’t pay attention. Silver is a haze to I don’t know why she won’t stretch out, everyone is acting strange :thinking::crazy_face: I did a couple close pics already so here’s what they are looking like together


Very nice looks like it’s going to be a tent full


Thanks @JJ520 I think it’s up to strawberry to fill it on her own I’ll hold her down as long as I can


Killing it as always brother. Kind of did the same thing with younger ones in with some older ones and lighting. Turned up the HLG yesterday to about 50% at 24” above the canopy.


Love those manifolds. Tent 3 is getting full!

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Nebula would be proud of that work.


Thanks @beardless I do follow her lead I have been playing with adding the two upright branches last grow in an attempt to fill that empty space in the middle of most every manifold, last time I put two on each side and they got taller than everyone else because I don’t pull them way over so I ended up topping them to slow them down… I ended up with 16 tops, definitely wasn’t impressed with them so only gonna let one on each side this time but it’s lookin like I’ll have to top them


That’s a good problem to have MeEasy, I’ll take those off your hands :love_you_gesture:

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When Nugbuckets talks about manifolding clones he suggest pinching / slightly damaging the top growth tip to slow it down. Wonder if it would slow those first node branches down a bit. Or, try to tie them lower than the rest.
Great looking.


I supercrop them by pinching n bending them, I also do that when I do sog to keep my canopy flat. I pulled those two over a little just to straighten them up but they don’t get bent down at all. Which is probably why no one that’s done it for awhile don’t grow out those branches growing up can’t keep them even with everything else

Edit = I’m still gonna keep trying though lol


So I still haven’t gotten an email from over there, had to re register. Back to waiting on the approval lol.


I’m sure it would be easier if I had social media but I’ve never setup one and prefer not to. It took me two years of reading these forums to muster the nerve to sign up here lol


I’ll get there lol, I did the activation and all that.


I have not ventured into super cropping yet. How early can that be done?


I don’t know the answer to that but I’ve never had one not recover unless I broke the skin all the way around you’ll lose some of those. It’s super easy to do except for the first few times and that’s mostly your human self preservation instinct (in your head lol) once you’ve done a couple you hardly think about it. Just take one of your lower branches that you will probably cut off later and squeeze it between your fingers some you have to roll a couple times (the bigger ones) you can feel the insides get weak and it bends itself almost so just push it over


That’s a beautiful SOG!


Only limitation I’ve read about super cropping it’s not past week 3 of flower. I haven’t found anything to back up why

Hello everyone I hope everybody’s weekend is smokin good or at least good smokin :grin:
I wanted to share some things about my struggles, anyone that has been following knows I’ve been having problems getting things restarted here in the new house. I think with some great help from @MO_Grow we’ve figured out what was happening. I’ve been growing in this living soil for about a year now and have had some good grows in it so I knew whatever was happening wasn’t because of the product I’m using. What happened was in the move we used alot of my old soil and pots to transport the ol lady’s flowers and plants I didn’t mind thought it was probably time to replace it all anyway.
I bought all new pots n soil and mixed up the nutrients with the fresh fox farm happy frog soil popped some seeds and put them in the soil as I’ve been doing for years. This is where the fun begins because of the fresh soil I shouldn’t have added the same amounts of the organic mix I use (Earth Dust) as I do to my used soil because it made my mix way to hot for the sprouts. I did manage to get a few going but they sure took their time to get going.
So it wasn’t the water, seeds, temperatures, or even the house being cursed… It was operator error like 99% of all plant issues are lol I just thought I’d embarrass myself by explaining my :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:up, in hopes it keeps someone else from making the same :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:up later on.
Happy growing everyone I’ll be doing another update soon things are finally lookin up over here


@MeEasy what kind of potassium silicate do you like to use?