MeEasy what is going on now

@sunasun I am accidentally doing an experiment with the two photos I’m growing now, it’s not at all scientific plants aren’t even the same strain but they’re both manifolds with 16 main colas one grew a ton of undergrowth and the other didn’t now that they are in flower the difference in the size of the colas is very obvious already. I’m interested in the end weight of the two, like I said it’s far from scientific but it will give me an idea of which way produces more. I enjoy growing manifolds with few tops in order to get the big colas (they’re so pretty :yum:) but I am ultimately trying to keep up with the family’s smoking habits so quantity matters. So you don’t have to scroll up and find the plants I’m talking about here’s a pic from like a week ago


Watching your grows brother. I think you got them covered. Again, digging the experiment


Thanks @Ghobbs82 , and You would think I’d have a stockpile of smoke but these little animals tare it up man it’s like the more I grow the more they smoke. I can always tell when their pile is getting small lol they start hanging out in my doorway when I’m in my room… ooh it smells good in here pops how’s things goin do you need some help in here :joy::rofl:


Funny how they all show up when they are wanting something :laughing: :sunglasses:


Ya my wife started with "we’re going to jail and ended with “Please sir, can I have some more”


Ain’t that the truth. It is almost like winning the lottery. Family comes out of the woodwork.


That’s funny Bro, I have one of those it smells good do you have any I can try? That can I have a try ends up a zip or 2


Maybe it’s not a bad thing! I would have plenty of help trimming or alot of smoke for myself lol


I guess three days in the back closet at 69° then moving them to the cable box (for warmth) for 3 days and letting them dry out completely is not the right way to pop seeds :pleading_face: they had little tap roots but they either melted or fell off as soon as I touched them, nothing like throwing $ away… so obviously I’m starting them over putting a reminder in my phone :exploding_head: I do have their house all setup and ready for em

TENT 2 2x4

These ladies seem to be responding well to the top dressing or finally getting over the move either way they really look happy today, reaching for the sky with some noticeable new growth. There is an obvious difference between how the buds are developing and their size, it will be interesting to see the difference in weight

TENT 3 2X4

Soil is all cooked up with nowhere to go :crazy_face: and as @FullyMedicated and I were talking about the other day the post office is already days late with my seeds. I guess they’re taking the damn scenic route :roll_eyes:


They look really good :+1:


Damn post offices. It’s ridiculous. When I track my packages I get some that pass my house 3 times going from facility to facility before getting delivered. It’s horrible.


Those are freaking gorgeous. I just received my classic mix pack to go with my grand daddy purple seeds that i bought on 420. Wife wants me to plant the gdp and a Maui wowie for next grow starting probably next week in my little grow / incubator seed starting cabinet. I look forward to hopefully the current grow is ready to harvest this week because we are really low right now :cry:. She already is thinking we should get one more big tent for perpetual growing.
And this is a gateway, a gateway to loving gardening lol. Alright, I’m rambling now lol


Nice fat and tasty :love_you_gesture:. Beautiful Bro!


Looking great! Those colas look like giant cannabis popsicles. It’s pretty hot here….wish I had a popsicle!! I would love to be able to share some seeds with you. And send it UPS. I couldn’t imagine trying to grow without this tent, basement and help from friends like you @MeEasy and everyone else. I have learned so much about growing in the last 4 months. Thanks again! Looks like you have a new germinating mat :call_me_hand:


My plants are the same strain but two completely different plants. I’m with ya on the difference in weight. Pretty Plants :+1:t3:


Yes I do @MO_Grow I bought em the other day when I checked the seeds and they hadn’t popped yet my only thought was it was to cold it that back closet of my room. I moved em to the cable box for heat but then forgot about them again until I got the mats yesterday. Bonehead!!


@MeEasy that’s the story of my life!


Found my baby pics.



YaY the mailman came n went yesterday and no seeds so I figured I wouldn’t see em till next week, but they sent a different truck with them last night at like 6pm :scream_cat: I guess because they were so late ?? I normally get them three days after they sent, but it took nine days this time… still waiting on a vaporizer I ordered for the ol lady’s b-day it went from Ohio to Honolulu, now I guess it’s staying there on vacation lol the tracking says it left Honolulu on the 5th here we are a week later… anyways enough crying about the mail.

I put a couple of the new seeds and some others from my stash in paper towels for tent 3 :grin:
All autos and two of each… Cinderella Jack… Cream Caramel… Red Gorilla Girl… GG4…


Can’t wait to see these beauties stack up. I did some high stress training with my autos and had good results. The ones I FIMed and topped ended up with the fattest colas, except the variegated runt.