MeEasy what is going on now

Sounds like a pretty awesome led light. I wanted to get a spider farmer but my local dealer flaked out on me so I went with a growers choice. I’m happy with it but being my first grow I have nothing to compare it to.

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@MO_Grow I use the earth dust to make tea with mostly, you can feed teas over n over without the pot over filling with soil and by making the tea gives the microorganisms a start before adding them to the soil

Search these… there’s hundreds of sites on soil and feeding it, these are my favorites
Buildasoil video feeding schedule explanation… soil recipes
Homesteadandchill feeding cannabis organically
Kisorganics in their menu the learn button goes to a ton of articles n pod cast stuff


@MeEasy Thanks again for the info. I appreciate you sir!

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Update time again… I’m starting to think I like these autos after all. They sure are maturing fast 4 are 65 days and 4 are 73 days from sprouts. I actually checked trichomes on two of them and very few clear left but I’m sure they will still add a little fat before amber shows up

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I top dressed these ladies yesterday trimmed anything not keeping up and added two hours of dark. I’ll wait a week or so for the flower food to warm up and I’ll flip em to 12s I think once they stretch out they’ll fill up their 2x4 home pretty good :+1: both are manifolds with 16 main tops

Left Gelato OG right Purple Skunk