Mediums leftover

What do you folks do with your left over soils after harvesting the plant ?

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Reuse. Over and over and over. Just ammend it.


Same here re use it. I use nutriets so i just start from day 1


I re-use and mix 50/50 with new FFOF and Mychorrizae.



Thanks . Do you pull the old root ball and piece of stalk ? Also if it wont be used again till next spring , dry it and store in large totes or is it ok to cover crop with clover or rye and leave out ? Large dairy here broadcasts rye fin the late fall for soil compaction and organic fertilizer.

I’m so cheap that I reuse it too. But from my vegetable growing days I was warned about pests and disease overwintering. Anybody have any input?


If you use coco just remove the roots, rinse it, then buffer it once and it’s ready for another run.

Hefty construction bags filled with next grow soil ingredients mixture, sealed, left outdoors, in sunshine and leave for over-winter “cooking”. Making well mixed mixture quantities sufficient for each to fill spring planter (bag) will reduce spilage messes, or not.

A good idea.