Hey 'stand,

I have a medical background (EMT, Srub Nurse) and I felt a need to say here that medicines, all and every medicines, affect every patient differently.  For example, this is why there are dozens and dozens of antidepressants, same with pain meds, and so forth.  A reputable, peer-reviewed study of medicine X will tell you that, out of 1000 patients, 75% will have favorable response to medicine X.  Obviously, all these favorable results will all be a little different.  Humans are not clones, but individuals, with their own chemistry, and so forth.  My point here is that you are an individual data point.  Even if 98% of people get a wanted benefit from a certain medicine, you won't know how it will affect you until you take it out for a test drive.  In the real world, Dr.'s take their best shot (i.e. best guess) at what may work.  I call this 'poke, guess, and come back in two weeks'.  My overarching point is that you will have to do a bit of experimentation (after your reading/research, which ought to land you in the right general area) to find out what works for you.  Weed that puts you on the couch with 'couch-butt-lock' may have me out in the garage tearing down, and rebuilding, an engine.

Thanks for sharing… :slight_smile:

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