Medicinal Properties

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“you mention medicinal properties in Northern Lights (reg) and White Widow (reg), cancer is the main use for the meds we want to make from it, but will it make the user drowsy or have any psychoactive affect on the user if it is made into cannabis butter? The CBD oil made here you can take and there is no side effects at all. that is our goal to make. Would you recommend these two products?”

High CBD low THC


All Strains of Marijuana have THC in them.

I also have cancer and from what I have been reading the THC is better at shrinking tumors then the CBD. Even if you turn it into butter the THC will still be there and also the psychoactive part as well. Additionally drowsiness is a side effect of smoking or ingesting THC.

I have tryed many different types of Chemo to try to shrink my tumors and most are pure poison that do have terrible side effects. So if I get a little high or drowsy I feel that is much better then the side effects of chemo. A one to one ratio of THC and CBD is preferred but hard to achieve from one strain, The CBD actually reduces the psychoactive part of THC.

I grew the Gold Leaf strain and mix 1 oz into a brownie mix. Then I eat one brownie a couple of hours before bed.

Hope this helps


Is it working?

I had a CT scan in September before I started this treatment, so I have been doing this every day starting in October. My next CT scan won’t be till next year so the jury is still out. I have been feeling better though and "my bad pain days " have been less.

Over the years I have just come to the conclusion that it is Gods will that runs my life and I truly believe that he sent me to this forum and that He made this plant to heal cancer and other ailments. And if this does cure or shrink my tumors then I will have the testimony to help others.

After the next CT scan I will definitely post the results. Good or Bad


AMEN :pray:t2:. Please tag me when you learn. In the meantime I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Granny

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You’re very welcome :hugs: