Medicinal canna oil / rso oil decarb questions

Is it necessary to decarb before making the oil tinctures. Or will using a rice cooker do the job for me.

I use the rice cooker and thats what m going to recommend that you use.


If i can get some pure ethanol the food grade sort will that be ok to use instead of isopropyl. I am from the uk and it says isopropyl is used for cleaning? Bit confused about it. I want to make a good oil for my friend whos got breast cancer.

Have any of you guys made cannabutter? I’ve read conflicting reports on how long to simmer it on the stove. Some say 3-4 hours, some say 20 hours … help!

Drfeelgood … sending good thoughts to your friend with breast cancer. I went through that a few years ago. It sucks. I wish I had been growing then, I would have made a salve for the radiation burns. Best of everything to you and your friend.

Isopropyl would not be safe for ingestion. Make sure everything used is safe to ingest.

I have a card in New York for medical marijuana, but I went to the dispensary and what my doctors prescribed is nearly $300/month!
I’m going to attempt making my own oil with everclear. I don’t have a rice steamer. Can someone recommend a cheap one or perhaps another suitable method?
How worried should I be about overheating and rendering the weed ineffective? I’m nervous!

Hiya. Ive not made the oil yet. Just waiting. I will be getting a rice cooker though and using food grade high grade alcohol like everclear. Am from the uk so cant get everclear. But equivalent.

During prep of oil the weed isnt made useless but made useful due to the high temp for decarbing. Also after the oil is done, using a coffee warmer to get rid of remainder alcohol and bubbles also helps the oil.

Ive been capping myself about it too. But it should be ok. Just need to stick to the times and temp where possible.

Good luck