Medical Use Edibles - Can you help answer a question for a friend


Can you guys/gals help my friend with this question?

My mom has two different kinds of arthritis, fibromyalgia. Lots of pain in her joints. They want to put her on lyrica but it has bad side effects. She has never smoked pot but wants to try an edible or something just to take pain away but not get high. But I was thinking tincture for her right? I don’t know this stuff.


If she has access to medical dispensaries, the dose nuggets are a good starting point. They are soft chocolate/caramel candies and come in hybrid, 1:1 hybrid:CBD and CBD only at NETA (Brookline Village and North Hampton MA). They come in 10 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. They recommend starting with 10 mg and seeing what works. I like 30-50 personally but my tolerance may be higher than hers.

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I’m still muddlying through all of this myself!

My wife tried cookies etc initially but found it hard to figure out how much to eat.

Tincture is easy. Start with a drop under the tongue and keep dosing until the relief is felt.

ATG in Salem has Jonathan’s CBD tincture that is pretty good. (I think it is their brand)

[TAC: 279mg] THCA: .09mg, CBC: 9.3mg, THC: 57mg, CBN: 1.2mg , CBD: 210.6, CBDA: NT

It has some THC (4:1 CBD to THC ratio)

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Are you up on what they need to get MMJ in MA? If they are reasonably close to Burlington there is a place there I can recommend. It’s right off of Exit 33B Rt 128/ I-95

Also at ATG in Salem, they have Cannatonic MJ (bud)

[TAC: 22.5%] THCA: 0.6%, THC: 0.1%, CBGA: 0.5%, CBD: 0.6%, CBDV: 1.1%, CBDA: 19.6%

Very low in THC (basically trace) and I seem to think that they have Cannatonic Vape juice that fits the O-Pen line. The power end is like $20 and the tanks that hold 250MG are $60 and last a pretty long time (YMMH) (A couple weeks for the wife) The power end is reusable, but the tanks are throw aways.


Thank you both!

She has access to whatever she wants. Readily available now in MA, without a card.

I’ll pass the info along.

Thanks again!


anything indica based bro


Cool. thanks man


they are higher cbd is the trick :joy:


AcDc tincture…very low thc and very high cbd
Royal medic tincture…1:1 ratio

I am using both , its very good medicine…no more vicodin…No high whatsoever, just relax…


You should be able to order any CBD oil gummies off-line it’s now legal in all 50 states


I infuse butter and coconut oil with flower and keep in the freezer to make variations of edibles. I also infuse honey with concentrated cannabis oil that I get from my dispensary to put in a sleepy time tea as controlling my sleep is vital. I’m a fibromyalgia sufferer too and if she has food triggers she will need to be careful of what’s in anything she buys from the dispensary. For me I can’t do anything with an artificial sweetener which is why I prefer to make my own so I can control the ingredients. If I have good control on my sleep habits, everything else is easier but everyone is different. I have a great small batch peanut butter cookie recipe as well as a hard candy recipe if she wants them. On another note I tried Lyrica and hated it. The weight gain defeated the purpose and made me feel worse. After 20 years of various meds and opioids I became toxic in 2015 from the meds I was on and had to come off everything. My rheumatologist prescribed medical marijuana and as dramatic as it sounds it changed my life. It literally gave me my life back.


Thanks, everyone. I sent a link to this post along…


RSO would be great and is extremely easy to make!



I,m looking for someone who treated Hepatitis C with CBD .(positive reasult).


have you tried searching the internet? Or you could use the forum search in the upper right corner of the page the magnifier.


We all know that adding high amount thc cannabis to our cooking curiosities…butter, cookies, pizza, etc…will get us flying without damaging our lungs. Would we still get the wonderful therapeutic properties of cbd cannabis by adding it to our munchies but without getting high, just in case we have to drive a car, do grocery shopping, explain to our neighbors that their rooster is going to meet a violent end if it keeps crowing at 4:00am? I’m looking to eat some bread smeared with cbd butter for breakfast and not have back/knee/shoulder/etc. pains for the rest of the day, but maybe instead a cheerful smile on my face. Possible?


Sure, why not @DieHigh55


How do you make cbd butter?


Ok than, after my magnificent Blue Dream scrog (watch out, @hillcrest21678!), I’ll try some CBD culinary creations and hopefully get through the day with a bit less pain.

#20 Check this out and you’ll be better than Jaimie Oliver in no time! Also @Niala, @SmoknGranny, @AnneBonny and some of the other “chefs” might be better able to help you. Bon apetit!


Here’s a link that might interest you @Fever