Medical Marijuana Could Save Billions of Dollars


Thought this was one of the better arguments for MMJ ! This is out of a medical web site. Interesting.


How’s it goin brother?


Hangin’ in there ! I really got sick this time. They were talking about intubating me and I had to fight them. I have advance directives but my wife could not just stand there and told them to go ahead. Really pissed me off that they were going to go against my wishes ! ! NOT going to that hospital again. They finally got smart when I sent a text to my lawyer.

I have seen the weather in your area, not looking so good ! You been safe? We had a big series of tornadoes in our area but luckily they stayed east of me.

Will message you later, I’m tired and gonna sleep a while. Take care. Jerry


Yeah I’m doin alright, had one touchdown not even a block away the other night haha


Glad you got missed. As soon as I heard the location, I thought about you. Your weather gets a little wild in the spring !

So far, the closest storm hit was about 45 miles away from us. Not even much rain yet. I have my entire garden planted and need rain. Talk to ya later brother ! Jerry


Yeah close, but no cigar haha.
Glad they missed y’all
Take care and take it easy brother