Medical marijuana and pain relief


Then again, Cannabis is used by choice no one is pushing it down our throats so to speak, on the other hand pharma companys push it down our throats via the reps they employ “Doctors” " pharmacists" reason i know this i was in a trial for a drug company, have a read up of Lyrica tell me your thoughts @Dman1969 Other products like Alcohol and tobacco, opiates, anti inflammatorys, neuropathic pain relievers like Lyrica and Gabapentin do far more harm.


@Hungrybud big pharma has control over everything!! There are cures for all ailments in the rain forests. That’s why the rain forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. Witch doctors which aren’t witches at all use the the plants and trees for medical remedies. There is a cure for everything out there and Mother Nature made them. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this because it free if you know what and where to get it. :sunglasses::v:


I am with you man :kangaroo:
A good read for you


@Hungrybud I agree with you 100% and Cannabis is made by Mother Nature. Pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money on that. Go figure right. :sunglasses::v:


Apparently they gave a cannabis tincture to Queen Victoria for menstrual pain.


Lol… Okay well I’m on a forum where I Geuss most people have the mindset you do so I’ll keep my western medical education and scientific evidence based reasoning to myself.
Big pharma already is heavily invested in legal cannabis in Canada so don’t worry they are already pushing it here and growing it in Africa and other outsourcing countries at the cheapest price to sell to your friends and family at the highest price they can.


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