Medical marijuana and pain relief


Exactly my story @Whodat66 I used to be on prozac, zanax, and tramadol, also amitriptyline.
Now I smoke and take some meds but no anti depression pills and no opiods.


You seem to have a deep understanding of things and very knowledgeable in general, if you don’t mind me asking if I took your post up right before your back and that " when" changed for you how long had you held onto it, and if it’s possible for you to be answering anything like past thence? and those 7 word’s that you mentioned I can relate to them so f*kg much but I think you knew that some how well there was my reply to your post earlier, I can’t see were I’m going to get to be “Fine” or how I do it, because Lord I have tried to so much but I can’t seem to even explain that to the people around me anymore. I have never had to burden anyone for anything and I have never gave to get back, I have family that support me but it’s like with most doctors these days there is no comparison well I can’t see it anymore around me sorry about the lent of this post I missed your reply earlier “acceptance”…


I knew for 14 years that something would go, and spent some years trying to convince UK GP’s that it was more than just muscle pain. That only came about because I had a HUGE argument with the doc when an x-ray report came back saying “nothing wrong” when I could see from 9 feet away that L3 was a bit dislocated and my spine curved left from there. She told me I would wait at least 2 years for a non-urgent MRI, I pointed out I had private health insurance from work so was able to slap a report on herdesk confirming my suspicions and proving her wrong.

So I followed the advice of the specialist, fight it and fight it hard. Get angry at it, push it harder than you did before because the more muscle strength and mobility the better.

And that’s where the fun starts as when it comes to the psychological aspect of anything there is no “How” for everyone is different, there is no workshop manual, if it were that simple then women would come with a simple IKEA style piece of paper with pictures instead of some weird Harry Pothead thing that constantly changes into some unknown language depending on which way the hormones blow.

But one word jumped out at me, so this is how it goes. Do they offer or, worse, nag at you to let them help? Yes? Good, you already have more than me. Do you take advantage if that, having people jumping at your command? No? Excellent, just what we want as that means you can forget about the thing that jumped out at me, you being a “burden” for as long as the above applies that means these people will NEVER look upon you as a burden, they’re just doing what you would do if the situation was reversed. So stop thinking like that, take that pressure off yourself, you have more important things to deal with, like knowing when to accept the help instead of being a stubborn SOB.

Then deal with the “OK, it hurts. Some days will be better than others, some days will be absolutely evil, but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt, I know it will likely get worse before it stabilises, so I have to accept this will be a part of my life and get on with it the best I can”. If a specific, strict, diet works better for you then do it, if a specific painkiller regime (and I’m open with my doc regarding weed and cbd use, he’s only giving a monkey’s because I told him I was moving from smoking to vaping) works best then you do it, it’s just a more complicated trial and error with the mind, sometimes you need happy pills to help (hence the specific mention of Duloxetine, an antidepressant which also works on neurological pain), sometimes even some counselling to help “nudge” you in the right direction between the ears is needed, the important thing is there’s no shame in having any sort of degenerative illness, no shame in needing help, and certainly no shame in using every GoshDarned (a small joke at a mod, before you ask) means and method available out there to get yourself as close to “normal” as possible as, unlike half the whineys out there, there is something wrong with you but at least you’re doing something about it.


@Irish I’ve read a lot of articles that assist with Crohn’s disease, and definitely would help manage pain. I’ve read that making edibles (weed infused cookies or other foods) are the best for internal types of pain.

To grow indoors is more expensive that growing outdoors. Lighting will be the single most expensive category you should spend the most on. Larger the area, the more money for lighting should be set aside, for proper lighting coverage.

I grow my meds for migraines, and I’ve had success for home treatment. I can’t explain why, or how, but I know my head doesn’t hurt. Never thought I would be growing weed for myself for treatment in my younger years.


@Johnzy81 I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I will be 50 this year, and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was around 20 yo. Right around 30 years ago for me. They had diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis for a very long time. What happened in my case is my UC had turned into crohn’s.
When I was first diagnosed I would have bloody bowel movements and pain in the gut area. I was scoped and biopsied many times. I’ve been told by my doctors that my case was unique tho. With my UC turning into crohn’s is somewhat rare.
Mostly tho I remember hurting and the blood when I would goto the bathroom. It wasn’t a lot od blood but it was enough to have me worried.
As far as hiding this from your son, I can’t really say buddy. It’s a hard disease to hide in my opinion.
I have always been very open with my 3 kids about it. They are ages 25, 21,and 19 today and they have asked me many questions and I answer them as best as I can. I’ve shown them my illostomy that I poo in and they think it’s cool,lol.
Anyway if you ever need to ask me something please don’t hesitate. I’ll help out with my experience as much as I can buddy. Just please remember tho my experience has been worse than most others, but not near as bad as it could be.
Take care buddy and I really hope you get this under control.


Thank you for your response mate and no worries with the time I have got your reply now. Thank you very much for taken the time to reply I am currently experiencing the bleeding and the burning in my stomach and lower gut I also was being treated for what they were calling a sticky gut and prescribed me Zoton fast tabs 30mg and they did seem to give me some relief, but I have been bleeding more over the past year or so and appetite is completely gone and I lost 3 to 4 stone in 12 weeks. I was thinking the worst at that stage and to be quite honest I am worried this time I will be attending some of the big names Hospital’s in the next couple of weeks were I am from and I really do hope that then I can sit down with my son and explain all to him then, his just turned 17 and has his A levels this year and I don’t want to distract him in anyway again thank you for the reply and shearing your story with me, and happy belated birthday to your youngest by the way, and by the way love the user name @Irish :four_leaf_clover: :ok_hand: :four_leaf_clover:


Bugger the Zoton “Fast Tabs”, hit the 350mg Ranitidine (Zantac) and that will sort the acid out in no time.

I know this because of a stomach ulcer, was put on omeprazole and soon found out I could control it better with the Zantac. The 350mg is supposed to be enough to stop the stomach acid going too high for a whole day, I’ve been known to take 2 or 3 over a day when the acid goes too high (usually because of bad coffee), and will give the stomach time to heal as the “fast tabs” work great for immediate relief but that’s it, you need something stronger, especially if bleeding is involved as things have to heal.

That’s my experience, everyone is different, but if you have constant stomach acid problems then you’ll need something stronger to get it in check and let things recover so I recommend the Ranitidine (Zantac) at a “proper” dose (not the 75mg or less you can get over the counter in some countries) or Omeprazole to get that issue under control and, hopefully, you’ll get some relief which will allow you to eat better too.


Thank you mate I have an appointment with my local GP on Tuesday and I have noted the names off the meds I will be putting it to him in a nice way off course, il bet I have not been told about them I can’t imagine it most be to expensive for them sometimes I really think that there compassion for people these days are just gone. Just for example I also have what’s called Cluster Headaches and I was really suffering a nurse called me to oneside and told me to ask my doctor about a medication called Imagrain but to not say that she told me about it so I asked my doctor the next week about it the first thing he asked me was WHO told me about that I just told him I Google it but to see his reaction to me knowing about it because off the cost of the medication just pissed me right off and now for you my friend to help me out with your list off medication I really appreciate it you taken the time and effort to share it all with me I will be sure to let you know Tuesday evening how I get on should be interesting :v:️.


Generic Zantac is cheap as hell, I can understand why he’s gone for what he has as it’s sometimes best to go “low” and see if it can be controlled first but, in your case, you would be better hitting the stronger stuff imo.


I agree with @Ausgrow. The thing with pain management is Balance. I have moderate RA and suffer from pain from time to time. Not as much now because Cannabis works wonders for autoimmune disorders. Cannabis will help with you pain so a good strong sativa for during the day and a indica at night. RSO or Phoenix Tears are very concentrated cannabis products. The really really really cool thing about cannabis is you can experiment with high doses and totally be safe no fear of a overdose from cannabis. So if smoking a joint isnt working as well try a Edible start with 25mg (start out with lower doses) You can always add more but you cant take it away if you over do it say with 300 mg your first go around. If edibles are not enough then move to RSO RSO= Rick Simpson Oils. If you need emidiate relief talk to your local budtender and ask for some good concentrate Any shatter live resin or wax will get you medicated very quickly.


Research has proven that both THC and CBD provide effective relief from pain and can be a safer choice than conventional medicine.


Best medicinal properties I will send hands down the strain I’m enjoying now " Moochie Gelato" phenomenal

pain , anxiety, gvea fuck… All that is lowered drastically