Medical marijuana and pain relief


Hello everybody, I hope everyone is doing good.
quick run down for me is crohn’s for over 25-30 years, 17 surgeries. Permanent ileostomy. Anyway,
I am completely new to growing and smoking. My biggest question is will marijuana help with my pain first and foremost and then my crohn’s. With the 17 surgeries I’ve had I hurt bad everyday. My doctor has taken me off of all my pain meds, because our government knows better than hom now, I guess,lol.
Anyways I would love to hear from anyone willing to take the time to let me know how or if marijuana is going to help.
I really appreciate any responses, thank you all. :slight_smile:
PS i bought some WW to grow and try.
Sorry if I sound pathetic, I’m just very very tired of hurting all the time. I’m sure some can identify.


I would think it would be very helpful for your situation. White Widow is a great one to start with and is potent medicine.

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Thanks for the tag Alan. I’m growing 4 WW autos outside right now. I’m sorry to hear of your ailment and pains. Never having had Crohns, I can’t say for sure Cannabis helps, but I’ve seen a lot of documentary footage and people testifying that it does help with Crohns. I check in most days so you can tag me if you need some help. I can also tag in some good folks for you as well :v:


@MattyBear thanks bud I’d appreciate if you did that.
I’m looking more for pain relief than for crohn’s. My pain lvl is pretty high and I’m not on any more opioids. Dr took me off of them and having been on them for an embarrassing long time I don’t want them anymore anyways.


@MAXHeadRoom grows for medical reasons and is growing white widows. @Covertgrower @raustin @dbrn32 are good sources of knowledge off the top of my head. Just holler if you need anything :v:


welcome to the forum @Irish a favorite of mine is the Crystal strain. Its a potent strain and high on cbd. I have more than my fair share of chronic pain and this absolutely helps! Im currently growing some Gold Leaf and a couple WW too!


I have chronic back pain and make myself RSO. Way more effective at treating my own pain than big pharma. And no dead feelings in the morning.


From my own experience cannabis helps me control my pain much better then the Opiate medication I was on with none of the side effects that opiates caused.


I have a friend who has Crohns and he is treating it with just plain CBD oil. He claims it relieves his pain. But I’m afraid that a lot of your pain is coming from your surgeries. I have GIST cancer and had some of my tumors removed and most of my pain is from the surgeries that I have had. I can’t believe that your Dr would take you off your pain medication. I cannot live without mine and will be on it for the rest of my life.

As with any type of medicine, MJ will have a different effect on each individual. My advice is to try CBD oil first, I use CBDPURE hemp oil. Then if you can get a hold of some weed and smoke it and see if that helps for pain.

Growing MJ is very difficult and would take at least 4 months for you to grow it and dry and cure it. Also if you are growing inside be prepared to spend at least $1000 on equipment.

But try those 2 things first so you will know if it works and if its worth your while to grow it.

Tag me if you have any more questions :sunglasses::us:.


Welcome to the forum. I highly recommend CBD in any form. It takes a week or more to see results if vaping or taking caps. The CBD oils are better. RSO is great if you have the time to grow and make some up.

I’ve been off all my pain meds now for 5 years. After 19yrs on Oxy & Methadone. I was told I needed a morphine pump. Then I went into renal failure and was cut off my meds cold turkey. What type of pain do you have? Nerve, muscular, etc.

I can say that Northern Lights does a great job for nerve pain.

As far as other pain strains, speaking from experience, I recommend trying: Sour Diesel, Blueberry, AK47, Blue Dream, Mango Kush, & Super Silver Haze


@MAXHeadRoom your absolutely right. My pain is mostly from all of the abdominal surgeries I’ve had.
I fibbed when I said my dr took me off of all my pain meds. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it to be honest, even if it seems dumb. Anyways I appreciate your response and help.
I’ve been taking the CBD oil for close to two months now, and I’ve noticed some help but not a lot really. Not sure if I’m not taking enough but I can’t afford to take more than i am, raising 3 kids in college is breaking my bank,lol.
The equipment your talking about, is it a must to have? Or can I just put the plant in my window? By the way i live in the southern states way out in the middle of nowhere, so I’m not worried about anyone ever seeing them.
1000 dollars is a bit of money but I could do it if i have to.
Thanks for the help again.


It is to late to start an outside grow. If you consider everything you would need for a decent indoor grow it comes close to 1000, but with some innovation and DIY lights you could come in cheaper. A short list of things you would need. @Irish

Grow medium
Good seeds from ILGM
PH and PPM/TDS meters
Extension cords
Grow nutrients/Cal/Mag
Just to name some of the eqipment you will need.

If you decide to grow inside one of the biggest expense is grow lights. Most of the top growers here build there own which saves a ton of money. Most are using Quantum Boards or LED strips or COBs. Don’t waste your money on cheap china lights.

Also if your are considering making your own oil you will need lots of plants. I make RSO and average only 6 grams an oz

I will let you think about all that for a while


@Budbrother I’m not sure to be honest which type of abdominal pain I have. I’ve had 17 total surgeries and 13 of thos on my abdomen. They took out all of my large intestines, and many other ones. I’ve just always figured it hurts like hell,lol. It’s a deep hard pain intense and nonstop. I have two hernias right now, but for being 50 later this year and retired I’m holding out as long as i can before going back under the knife.
I’ve been on pain meds for really close to 25-30 years.
I’m just really hoping that marijuana does as well or better for pain.
I’ll write down the ones you names and definitely keep the list, thanks buddy.


@MAXHeadRoom that’s a lot of stuff, it’ll take me a bit to get that


I have terrible chronic lower back pain and I’m using White Widow cannabutter at the moment for pain. It works very good. I can’t get the relief I need from smoking. I was on opiates for 2 years for the pain and I got off of them when I realized that the amounts I needed to control the pain and be able to work would eventually stop my heart. I doubt you could have butter with Crohn’s. I just find it controls my chronic pain better with edibles. Anyway White Widow is a good choice. I prefer Chronic Widow myself, but I grow both.


Hey @Irish hope this finds you well mate, you said that you have been living with Crohn’s the last 15-20 year’s, I have just been diagnosed with it unfortunately well almost a year now, I have not had to have any surgeries :crossed_fingers: but I do have a very important appointment next week with a Consultant and I am not feeling good about It I have a very active 17 year old son and I am trying to hide all off this from him, I should say I am also a Type 1 Diadetic and have Cluster Headaches, Now there are whah has been making me so much more incapacitate, these days long story mate. Can I ask i am 36 year’s old I think you would off been around my age when you were also diagnosed is it ok to ask you your symptoms back then only if you feel comfortable sharing mate, but honestly and straight up the people on here are so willing to help it has some times overwhelm me very much just there (our fellow growers)willingness to listen and so many understand again I’m been completely honest and, I know anyone here on here off our ILGM family that can help in anyway they will for sure. If you could help me out if you can remember how you your feeling when it started I would be so very grateful mate, or if you like I can tell you how I am feeling but I just don’t want to mix thing up with what might be, attributed to my other elements thank you for sharing with us so far :v::four_leaf_clover: :v:


The joys of oils is that you can then make a specific RSO/hash/THC oil and CBD oil vape mix to deliver the ratios that work best for you, like wot I’ll be trying soon. Plus, if prices are anything like here, a proper brand name 200mg CBD e-juice is €40 for 10ml. I can buy 10ml of stronger CBD oil for less and then the vape juice base costs under €20 a litre (a 70/30 0% nicotine just cost me €18).

I think the maths are clear on this one. I totally agree on the CBD front first, I vape it and the benefits as a relaxant and anti-inflammatory, for me, do make a difference to pain control. When I first vaped CBD I went from taking up to six different painkillers and pills at any one time, and still not being in full control of the pain, to almost zero overnight, the effect was THAT marked and being physically able to feel the inflammation fall sharply shows that the effect was definitely not only psychological. Sometimes, however, you need that bit extra and that’s where weed comes in. It’s also where I find a good dry herb vape can work wonders due to controlling the compounds you inhale, plus you’re not wasting it by it going up in smoke. A good dry herb vape also comes with the ability to use waxes or oils, so you have multiple uses.

Oh, I’ll second Super SIlver Haze for painkilling. Not only works better than my paracetamol/codeine and valium, but also gives me more energy when compared to the opiates.

Now my painkilling routine involves a mix of all of the above, as each one, plus the duloxetine, attacks at least one different sort of pain when used correctly and when you have identified 6 different forms of pain in one area you realise that the “multi-weapon attack” is the only way forward, you can’t hope to “kill” the pain but you can numb enough of it down so you can function. Might take over an hour to do a km, but the sun’s out so you have more time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that you normally missed as you would rush from here to there to there and back again, ignoring everything because every wasted millisecond of your life was so important.

And that brings me nicely to what I still argue is one of the most important, but sadly most oft-ignored, weapon against pain we have. That lump of chicken nugget mix between our ears. If it’s happy, then there’s an effect on the whole body, so you learn to appreciate the stupid little things like smells, sights and sounds because it improves your overall mood, you learn, if you’re like me, to remind yourself “It’s only pain. I know where it’s from, why it’s there, and that it won’t kill me so it can go and eff itself”. Life doesn’t stop because you have to move slower, and you have an excuse to be that stubborn, cranky old SOB you’ve always dreamed of being because people let you off with damn near anything when they think you’re disabled.

In other words, no matter how bad it gets (and right now, on a scale from “Huh” to “Tourette’s Syndrome”, the Scottish version of “1 to 10, with 10 being the worstest pain you’ve ever, EVER, had”, I’m at “Spinal Tap” but I’ll still crack jokes), find SOMETHING that triggers some sort of “happy” feeling as them happy chemicals in the brain are as essential for pain management as that natural opiate-like high we get from an adrenaline and endorphin rush. Learn to use them, for knowing WHEN to relax and let whatever ails you roll over you like a wave and when to be that stubborn old SOB who sill happily let loose a stream of some of the world’s best profantities to release the tension inside is also critical.


Really well put mate, how long did it take you to get so positive about your pain. Me pacifically my main pain at the moment is from Cluster Headaches, and i mean its like feeling like, I’m been smashed open by a slage hammer, I do understand off course it takes time and like you said the best meds that help you along, you probably don’t want to hear me say this but I’m sorry to hear about you’re spinel tap. I have heard it’s very unpleasant, I wish you well and thank you for sharing with everyone seriously, and do know I actually think that people do not realise how much WORD’S can even make a small difference for someone anyone as long as it does :v:️my friend.


It took years to adjust, but the biggest one was last year when my back went completely FUBAR so all the stress and worries about “When” disappeared in one really stupid movement, it was like a hippcrocapigorillasaurus being lifted off my shoulders, the “when” had happened so all the years of pent up frustration turned into “Fine, it’s happened, you knew it would happen one day, time to move onwards”.

I was lucky, I had years to get the mental side in order as my problem is degenerative. Had it been more “sudden” due to something like an accident then my reactions may have been different. Ultimately, however, I still think the same “stages” would apply, in no particular order you’re looking at shock, depression, fear, anger, frustration, determination and acceptance. I find that once you reach the last one, you can use the three before it to keep the first three at bay


I think just from brief chats that @Usmcjojo will concur - the military and VA love to pump you full of opioids because its cheap. It doesn’t fix anything, but it makes you not care.

For me, When I retired I had a ‘refill as needed’ Percocet scrip. I felt like I was living in jello. As soon as whiz-quiz was not a problem I started ‘self-medicating’. As of today I am 52, the only medicine I take is Nexium and a multi-vitamin. I have lost over 40lbs. I feel good and I enjoy life. My kids like me better too :wink:

Scientific? Nope. Take care.

Edited: Also, with the current crack-down on opioid scrips, I would no longer have that candy-store available, and would now probably be hating life or worse.