Medical Marijuana + Alcoholism


Here’s my deal. After a decade of almost daily alcohol abuse, I figured out that I wanted to smoke. I used ILGM to buy seeds, grow my plants, and get my natural meds. It worked SO well… for the first 5 months. It was the first time in over a decade that I was sober for 5 months straight.

Now it just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. It just makes me sleepy and doesn’t ‘hit the spot’… I was sober for 5 months and it was the easiest thing ever, I didn’t have any cravings. I have the Gold Leaf.Now it just doesn’t hit the spot. Is anyone else here in the same boat? Switching to weed from daily drinking? Now, I’ve found myself going back to drinking and I hate where I’m headed :frowning:

Thx so much!


@AngelT, I was in your boat once In my life and it was hard, I beat it, lost it, beat it again and have stayed on top this time…what I do whenjoy it loses its sweet spot is change strains…it worked for me, that’s the only advise I have to offer except to never stop fighting…fight till the fights over…good luck to you my new friend


Hey there @AngelT,. First I would like to congratulate you on the 5 months that you enjoyed so much!! :+1:and you would off definitely been fighting all that time only having a hobby like growing your own meds was a brilliant idea to help you through that mental argument with yourself even if it was subconsciously because you would definitely off done so, you had yourself occupied with what you were doing and by the sounds of it, it really worked and you must off enjoyed it immensely my friend. This site is an excellent site to be on it is the best place to learn how to grow the best medical marijuana anywhere along with all of the support and advice, opinions and all of the best information you could possibly every need to know about growing our Med’s but also, the great people using this forum will offer there support and help with even just a great conversation. keep fighting those fights and don’t feel like you are on your own when there is a community like ILGM here to help you step by step with growing and also a serious connection with other’s that are doing this for whatever reason, again well done :ok_hand: and just a question what strains did you like to grow over the past 5 months and we will get you some advice and exactly which strains might be for you and hit that sweet spot :v:️.


20+ years of managing pain with alcohol…8 + years sober,mmj works wonders!


God bless you @BIGE mate and wow congratulations on such an achievement :100: :tada: :100:


Try a sativa dominant plant like some kind of Haze. They give you more of a head buzz but keep you alert. Typically make for nice day time smoke.

I was about three years in when I stopped a 3-4 bottles of bourbon a week habit. I still drink on occasion, but like a normal person (usually because I’m stoned and don’t like the feeling of both together very much). I don’t ever crave alcohol anymore.


Congratulations ! I was 20 years into heavy drinking daily I attended a Alcohol Anonymous meeting and heard all the horror stories from all the other guys and girls in the room and it did something to me because I had some stories myself that I was just keeping inside and hearing everyone else and their stories made me realize that eventually it would kill me or ruin my life forever. I just got into this for a hobby and picked up a couple more Hobbies to keep myself busy I’ve been without alchohol for 18 months


Great topic. I can totally relate. I am a restarter after 30 years and I’m much happier smoking than drinking. I am growing a sativa dominant strain and my fingers are crossed that it produces. Sativa gives me a euphoric cozy feeling and I have no desire to drink. I’m sorry it took me this long to figure it out.
Best of luck!


I grew an SSH in hydro over the winter and got a pretty good yield out of it. Do you have a journal going?


I do have a grow journal. Power Plant Newbie 2018. It will be a large learning curve. I was previously an indoor grower and now I’m taking it outside.


Unfortunately I do know your struggle all to well. Got medically addicted to opiats. I can get off of them for short stents like 3 or 4 weeks then I always find my way back. I have started trying concentrates which seem to help alot. Keep fighting the good fight if you feel weak get on here there are always someone on here to talk to and it helps emmensily


Yes I know tha feeling. I was alcoholic too. First thing in morn was whisky and when I go sleep I often feels wet in my bed, this was a glass of whisky which was fell over. Uhh, what a shite times. Now I drink too but like a normal person. Keep up. It’s too late when your liver is so damaged. I’m 30 and doctors say NO more alcohol. But I feel without it much better too. I was former athlete and alcoholism gave me extra weight. Now without alco my weight go down again. And one main helper in this journey is cannabis. growing/smoking.
Im out.


@AngelT, I do hope that things are going well for you, I can see that the ILGM FAMILY are here and have your back. Stay with us and as you can see we all have a fight to fight, but we have got to keep that good fight up in everyday lives and our own personal life’s, it’s great to see all the support we have here :v:️.


I was addicted to all kinds of opiates for the better part of a decade, and I’m only 30. It’s no fun. What got me off of them and I’m a year and a half clean today was Suboxone. It’s been a huge help. I dont even take it as the dr prescribes because from my understanding, it’s just as easy to get addicted.
The dr. Persribed 2 8mg stripa a day, I take 1/4 of a strip during the day and 1/4 of a strip at night and havent wanted to touch them since.


Yeah the suboxone, subutex. That’s what I’m dealing with now. I to starTed with a reduced amount of 1/8th strip in the morning. Now up to a whole a day.
Doc quit seeing me because I would make mine last for 2 months. He couldn’t charge me for the other month so he cut me loose.
Now me and the wife try to make due on her 45 a month. I’ll tell you this, if you thought the detox from the painkillers was rough you ain’t seen nothing. Can’t even curb the withdraws with 10 MG pills of hydro condone .
That’s why I’m growing gold leaf this round. Gonna make rso and use it to get thru the first week of withdraws. Figured if I could get thru the 1st week I could handle the 2nd one not feeling so sick.
God speed fellers and here’s to being totally off that shit


i hope the gold leaf works for you @Nug-bug never stop trying to free yourself from that misery!
congratulations @Aolelon


Thanks @BIGE


i have dealt with pain and medical issues all of my life…
i know the hell that one goes through to get off of the pain killers,i am a survivor… you can do it as well…


You good people @BIGE
It’s gonna happen, just have to plan accordingly, can’t just take off work with bills.
Well you know , much love brother


Yea I know I’ve been reading about the wdrawels from suboxone, but I’m only on a half a strip a day, when I feel my mind is right I’ll cut it down to 1/8th strip in the morning and 1/8th strip at night. Then just 1/4 in the morning. And hopefully down to 1/8th in the morning to none. But tbh, being this close to getting it out of my life, a little withdrawal I can take and manage. I couldn’t even imagine taking a whole strip a day. I get sick sometimes with the dose I’m on