Medical grow first timer

I am a first timer growing three medical grade ladies for a family member with health problems. I got three seeds on the internet called “Euphoria” which are apparently high in CBD and have 9% THC only. This is what I did so far:

(Sorry I am British so the temperature units are CELCIUS : 25C = 77F and the volume is LITRES : 1L = 35 oz and the lengths are metres : 70cm = 28 inches)

Day 1:
Put the seeds in a little pot of water and then put the pot in the dark airing cupboard which is 22-23 degrees Celsius

Day 2:
Mixed 50% Canna Terra professional soil mix with 50% vermiculite to make a litre, and then added a teaspoon of Mycorrhizal fungus powder because I read that it is meant to make the roots develop strength that keeps on giving through the lifetime of the plant. Put the seeds in with tweezers about half an inch down and then covered loosely and watered with tap water.

Days 3-4:
I just kept the little pots in the airing cupboard under a rubbish florescent light and sprayed with water every time I walked past the cupboard like a mad and obsessed new mother.

Day 5:
Two seedlings have appeared. Got the temperature at about 22 C and the humidity around 70%. Put the three little pots in a tray and then floated the tray on a bigger tray of cold water.

Day 6:
Put my 250W metal halide lamp on about 70cm above the seedlings (third one has come up now). Got a rubbish fan at the charity shop and have pointed that at the seedlings with a bowl of ice in front of it so it is keeping them from overheating. Did some experimental re-routing of the existing ventilation in my grow room - no idea if it is okay or a total disaster. Don’t know who to ask so just going to try it and see what happens.

The green part is what I have rigged up and the grey part is what I am thinking of adding next time I get paid. So for now I just have proper extraction and the intake is passive though a grille I put at the bottom of the cupboard door.

Day 8:
Turned lamp power up to 400W. Hanging a wet towel seems to be the most effective way to keep humidity above 40. Temps are about 27. I worry constantly.

Day 9:
Going mad now. Waking up in night to check that my babies have not got too hot and thirsty. The two eldest ones (Clarice and Madonna) are looking quite spindly- they are about 6cm. I read that this could mean not enough light. So I have lowered the light from 70cm and it is now about 50cm above the plants. I also repotted in little plastic pots that are about twice the volume of the paper pots I was using before, and I added fresh soil, vermiculite and perlite.

Day 10:
Turned everything off between 10 am and 4pm to give the girls a bit of shut eye. They look good now!

Day 11:
Food arrived- Humboldt’s secret golden tree- in a little bottle. It is dark bown - looks like Worcester sauce if you ask me. added a dribble to a pint of water and water the girls. They seem to have liked it. Keeping it cool in there with an ice bath and obsessing with the humidity still - it keeps going down to the thirties while the temp wants to go over thirty. Really trying to keep it under 27 but can’t do that while I’m asleep.

I will probably add more obsessive notes tomorrow.


you are doing fine.
best advice I can offer… do not love them to death


Keep your lites closer & put passive air movement around them ,so as to strengthen the stems . bringing the lite closer helps prevent extra stretching .Hammer


@Oak is right… Your squeezeing your poor Lil bunny rabbit to death… Sorry for that , but its true , there is such a thing as to much luv and that’s what I’m c’ing… Just monitor , don’t interfere… don’t get caught up in what you think they need just give them what you know they have to have… Keep it simple , they will adapt and if they can’t , it wasn’t meant to b… Much luv…



@Oak & @peachfuzz are right remember this has been going on in nature for million’s of year with out perfect temps or humidity. Try not to get o.c.d. (optimal crop disease) it is a weed after all. Your doing fine from the looks of your pic’s. Good luck on your grow. :cactus:


Thank you so much all of you. Totally got to stop squeezing the rabbit - it’s a strange thing when you get a summary of your life off a gardening forum! XXX


We’re all here to help and a Lil therapy never hurts…:smiley:


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Sometimes I squeeze my cat :smiley_cat:

She likes it :thumbsup: