Medical benefits of smoking marijuana

I’m 63 years old, started getting high when I was 13. I have rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease and was diagnosed with parkinson’s about 5 years ago. I was on opioids for a few years and was able to kick the addiction cold turkey. Now marijuana is my pain medicine. I take carbidopa libidopa 5 times a day for the parkinson’s. I smoke at least that many times a day. Pot relaxes me, eases the tremors. Also, I have difficulty maintaining weight. Pot increases my appetite, I’m hoping that pot will keep the parkinson’s at bay. Does anyone have any experience with this?


I fell in to that same pitfall after having two shoulder surgeries. Marijuana saved my life and continues to enhance it each and every day. Be well, live well brotha!


I too take hydrocodone for pain.
So far cannabis only makes me more aware of the pain and even seems to increase it.
I keep trying different strains but have not found any that work for pain. Its nice to see others have success and being able to stop taking opioids. I find the pills make me lethargic but if I don’t take them the pain is just as bad about keeping me unproductive. Maybe one day. I will keep looking.


@Dj351 Im 45. I lve been diagnosed with Crohns, Diverticulitis, PTSD, DDD, and severe anxiety, and insomnia. I spent over 20 years as a Medic/FF. Like yourself, i started experimenting with pot when i was around 12-13. I dabbled in the opiate world and also in the psychedelic world. After my exploratory surgery 15 years ago ( diagnosed with Crohns amd Diverticulitus) i was given 10 different medications. The medications i was prescribed was causing more flare ups than before and i was missing more and more work. I finally had enough and decided i was going to drop eveything cold turkey and commit to cannabis full time. Ready for this? I havent missed a day of work nor had the need to see a physician since. Ive maybe had 1 flareup in the last 2 years only because i stepped away from my diet. Im still trying to find that perfect strain for insomnia, but i think im close. ( have 3 granddaddy purps in veg now) Im a huge advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational where i reside, but until then ill continue to covertly grow my own medicine.


GDP is my choice for pain and sleepness nights. (Osteoarthritis all up and down my back).


I plan on growing gdp and mimosa shot , and Bruce banner next time. I just started some godfather og.


Weed helps me alot with muscle pains or a headache but it does nothing for my many slipped disks and the associated never pains so I feel you :disappointed:





@1HappyPappy have you tried CBD/THC topical cream? It really helps with the inflammation in my back.

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I didn’t know there was such a cream . Where do you get it?

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@Dj351 this is what i use


I will definitely get some. Thanks

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I’ve abused my body for decades between work and play. I’m sure I don’t suffer from pain like many of the people on here but my wife and I both have some form of arthritis she just had double knee replacement a year ago. I find that it does help with the minor day to day aches and pains. My wife is not found of the effects of weed during the day but she really likes it for sleeping. I bought some Mephisto 24 carat that is listed as 100% indica on their site, picked it up as a potential bed time high. That may be my next run. A lot of prescribed drugs come with side effects that are sometimes worse than the actual ailment and the doctors and Pharma expect you to take these medications forever that’s just insane. I truly think that one of the reasons it’s not federally legal is that it will cut into Pharma’s profits and our so called leaders don’t want to lose funding that helps to keep them in office.


Weed is therapeutic long before you even consume it.
At least in my case; this morning sitting on a stool with the tent door flung wide open, fixed gaze on twitching leaves, white noise of fans…meditative, calming…and, cheeched out of my mind of course!
Good morning everyone! Skipping yoga later to get my hour back.


@SeaOhAreWhy sounds like my mornings before even think about getting ready for work…


I get up two hours early, about 4am, drink a couple cups of coffee, smoke a couple bowls of my favorite herb and then my light comes on at 5. Time to water the girls and have a look at them.then I usually have to Hussle to get ready for work. Typical morning. Sound familiar