Me again. Plant not looking good

Hey everyone. This is my third post on this grow. I’m still learning and this is only my second grow. The plants have looked great except for the nutrient issues I seem to be experiencing on and off. I keep thinking it’s calcium so I add calcium then I flush and then add nutes, etc. here is the rundown of what I’m doing
Strawberry cough
Coco + perlite
3 200 watt LED lights
6 inch filter going out, 4 inch filter coming in
5 gallon fabric pots
Canna A&B. Feed once daily. 4 gallons of water (split between 5 plants) with four tablespoons of each. Adding one to one and a half tablespoons of cal mag per watering. Every couple days I’m flushing. 20% runoff each time.
Ph-6.0-6.10 going in. Ppm was 1800 when I measured it the other day. I have a large tray under all of them so testing the run off is difficult. Can anyone help? Please.

Let me add that yesterday I added a gallon of phosrock tea. Split between the plants. Don’t think that’s the issue but it may exasperated it :man_facepalming:t2:

You may be feeding too much, feeding every day may be overkill. Maybe a good flush would help, bit you have alot going on so it’s difficult to narrow it down. I am guessing it’s excessive nutes

@Socom36 Hey there! In a couple of the pictures, to me it looks like calcium deficiency. Kind of that rusty look to the leaves. It could also be that the ppm’s are super high in your rootzone. I think you said run off ppm’s were at 1800? Since its tough for you to capture water run off, you can try and grab a handful of soil with out disturbing the roots too much. Then grab a solo cup and punch some drainage holes in it and place your handful of soil in the solo cup. Last step, use about 75 mL of distilled water and capture the water that drains out and test the ppm’s. I’ve used this pour thru method in the past and it helped when I was growing in 50 gal pots, way to heavy!

That’s a great idea. Thanks so much.

When you water, do you elevate the pots or leave them sitting on the tray?

Gidday mate. Leaves tips burn curl up rusty lookin stuff up edges. Potassium deficiency??? Learnt lot about it lately had some started that carry on bout week 5-6 of flower. Good luck mate.

They are in a Scrog net so unfortunately they just sit there, however, I shop vac the hell out of the tray to suck up all the runoff.