Mcsketcher's Closet Nursery

This is the young lady on the far right with 6 tops

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These young ladies seem to like their new pots… Had a fairly significant growth spurt overnight…


These are fim attempts 5 and 6…

Put her on 12/12 night before last…


I don’t remember who it was that recommended using electrical tape for supporting/healing broken or super cropped branches, but it works really well. Just wanted to point out that it served it’s purpose. Now the branch is growing so large that it’s tearing through the tape!!!

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@Mcsketcher shes ‘hulking’ outta that!!

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Photo update of my fim attempts

Something is going on with both of them… Whether or not it’s a successful fim remains to be seen

There is a nursery pretty much across the street from my apt complex… I went in today( oddly for the 1st time) and walked out with a couple goodies… @noddykitty1 I think I asked you about store bought charcoal… I can now

say with certainty there is at least one brand

FIM update… I still can’t tell exactly how they’re responding… Everything is still so close together…

Shogun is in there as well… I didn’t fim her. Probably putting her on 12/12 in 2 weeks


Another photo update on my fims… I’m going to go out on a limb

and say my fims were successful (get it??? Yuck yuck ) though I’m still not exactly sure what the end result is going to look like

Those films look great. You will get a bunch of tops out of that for sure. I am glad you are trying the char. Just soak it in urine a week or put it into a nutrient solution to charge it. Or it will strip nutrients from your soil to charge itself up. I would add a cup per gallon of soil per pot. Just add it to your living soil mix as you pot up plants or are starting the next run. Remember, spent filter carbon is the same stuff too. One should never throw that char away; it’s worth its weight in gold (or buds ha). And spent aquarium carbon is preloaded already. Full of nutrients for the plants.

I have been gone for a while. My wife was busting my balls about online time. And I coached 2 lil league teams that just killed my schedule. That just ended today. I feel like I missed so much. I am just starting to catch up with everyone’s threads. I am glad your grows are going well my friend.

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Piss eh?? I know it works… Probably easier than any other method I might contrive… Ive still got to finish setting up my soil recycling project… That’s going down soon… I can’t remember If I told you about putting the window ac in the closet… The 2 closets are connected by a 4" hole that has an intake fan on the right side that pushes cool air into the tent. I vent the ac exhaust through another 4" hole to the left… That is my furnace/ac closet… As long as I leave the fan on it pulls the hot air right outside… It’s nice though… Even with all the lights in that little tent, it stays 78°-80° during the day and drops to 62° ish at night… It’s a little cooler during the day in the closet with the ac… I don’t have as many lights in there… At night though, the temp is almost identical in the 2 closets…

Another fim update… Still can’t make out the end result as of yet

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