McLovin's lovin his first grow


Glad I did to sir garrigan the 1st, seen the pile of bud in one corner? It’s rediculous, this one light I’ll have to post some serious info on leds… the ZNET 12s penetration is insane! Great buy ") and the master series… made that pile in the corner, absolutely kicking ass.
Do you think any are ready for the chop? Just got my dry net! Have been flushing all for a week now but I’ll probably feed the ones that are still green again


Also that’s super cool of you to say bro, I will 100% enter ") first grow what have I gotta lose!



I want to talk to you about the L. E. D light that your using… Thanks



Which one are you interested in garri?


What say you all? Ready? I can’t seem to check trich which is doing my head in a little. I’ve got a jewlers scope but can only see with the x 20 will try get some pics later. As a whole most still have white pistols sticking up, lots of red pistols but not curling in hugely, I mean it’s been just over 10 weeks 12 12… anything I can do to hurry them up? Looking to chop soon!
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Looking for answers not likes pretty pleasee, and tag anyone who knows their stuff, hope your all doing well and thanks for all the help and advice. You boys got me through this, couldn’t have done it without ya.


Imo there done when done ?
Take a good look and you’ll need to decide
Post a pic when possible I’ll give my opinion tho @McLovin777


have you tried splitting main stem?
some say that an extended dark period could help finish …


Really impossible to say whether any of it is EXACTLY at it’s peak ripeness/potency without a clear closeup of the trichs. They sure look good from a distance.


Switch your light schedule to 10/14 should help speed up the ripening and build more trichomes , this is a very helpful method for long flowering sativa dominant strains .


That’s already starting to happen outdoors naturally here in the mid coast maine region. The daylight is diminishing by minutes every day. I’m really glad now that I didn’t open up the shading from tree line like I had planned to do in my efforts to create more daylight on my patch or some of them might not have had the chance to fully mature before a killing freeze.


Do you have a place to suspend some string overhead from wall to wall? Once they dry out a little laying them on horizontally oriented mesh rack is great but even the densest of buds tend to get squished and flattened if you lay them to dry when wet.
That can also impact airflow to a degree too. Hanging from strings and getting all the bigger foliage & sugar off immediately is usually a safe bet to prevent mold and get a nice even trouble free drying. I freeze all the sugar to make bubble hash. then you don’t have to worry about drying it


Will get on that right now and get some pics in the next 20 mins. Cheers for the advice dude


Remember back when eggy bread was the hot subject and these were just sprouts brother? THIS, my friend, is soooo many more times delicious. KUDOS, congrats, and everything. :trophy: :fireworks: :handshake: :v:
I just shared some of your pics with a co worker and he is beside himself JEALOUS and in AWE
If you enter one of those rainbow colored ones in this month’s BOM I pledge my vote right here, right now. Sorry @bob31 @Hogmaster @Oldstoner


I have been following thread since you started, watched ya battle and problem solve your way through to a successful grow. You earned my respect. Salute.:checkered_flag:





Amazing! I’m over here lickin the phone screen!
Baahaaa… :v::seedling:


great pis @McLovin777


Thanks bro. Trying to figure out if you’d call the trich milky or not! Some are smber… So it’s confusing me