McLovin's lovin his first grow


I think the trichomes are a killer for us newbies. “Oooooh there’s an amber one” I wish I had waited and just watched the hairs - and not just the top ones.


Need pic… but what you are describing sounds like you still have a week or 2 still to go… remember, at the end is when they put on weight and really start to get sticky… :wink:
Be patient my friend…

:v: :sunglasses:


No rush going for pics now!


Mclove this mo fudgers :wink: man were close… some of you saw me freaking over seeds! Damn seeds!!! Look at what those little sods can create. Root rot, mildew, falling over, 95F… labour… few nutrients… these hoes will grow.
Pics til it’s hidden safely away and harvested, may be the last upload until all is finished and stocked underground.



Oh man, i hope to grow like this someday. Even just one plant would make me suuuper happy lol!


I’m an absolute noob first grow, but I’ve dealt with 2 of the 3 main problems for growers, root rot, and PM ") I claim to be what I am, a guy who went against advice from peers and still prevailed (no offence to them as they aren’t here to asses the situation) but !@#$ ME (will be changed by admin) it’s been almost half a year and I worked my genitals off to do this. So I feel I can help people in need of advice ")


That sounds cool. I didnt really know they had apps like that. Ill check it out later today. Your killin it bro they are beautiful!!


looking good brother!!


What you thinking peachy week or rwo? Full nutes for another week?


That’s exactly what I’m thinking… :wink:
Looking very good… there a lil pissed off… but I can see that this will be a good first harvest for you… :wink:
It only gets easier from here , when it comes to your next run… :wink:
Everytime your yield will increase by a quarter… until you have maxed out your equipment and expertise… about 2 grams per watt… :wink:
Happy harvest my friend… :wink:

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Although looking over your pics again… you look like your on the edge of nutrient toxicity on some of your ladies … maybe just good ph’d water from here on out… for some and nutrients for a couple others… :wink:

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I’d have to agree. I was hoping it was heat stress… better a milk jug for the two with those purple leaves asap! Thanks bro. Care to guess the harvest?


Aficionado badge, 100 days consecutive log in… damn guys! We’re getting real close now… week 9 day 2 of 12 12! Just Ph water… any tips or tricks?! Excited to say the least. Thinking of chopping branches that are done 1 by one, trimming and then putting on a drying layered net thing, and putting them on different layers for how long they’ve been drying, what do y’all think? I’ll get some pics later


I’m not sure how to check trochmones, the camercamera scoscope I got is aa piece of shit, any advice on just knowing whenthey are ready?


they look awesome! @McLovin777 i like 20% amber myself…looks like they are at the end,but let some others chime in to confirm…


Thanks bro, hope others do chime in! I’m thinking another week myself, don’t want to cut um too early and not get the dopey dope possible! Looking to get a narcotic holly fudge cakes I’m stoned high so 80% amber I’m thinking… partly because I think they would have more time to add on weight


@latewood @garrigan65 @Donaldj , what do you think? Pretty damn happy so far, just want to finish strong! And let them gain as much weight and strength as possible


that dopey dope is the bomb!! lol



Great job brother, i’m glade you asked me to be part of your grow
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