McLovin's lovin his first grow


If it fills in a little more at the bottom as the sativas still has 3 weeks give or take "D then it should be colas the size of my entire arm… legit! Can’t wait


Care to guesstimate yield yet? "D


Thats easy…a big one! Lol how many plants? What size area? How dense do the buds feel? Not so easy :grinning:


@McLovin777… what are you doing to shock them?


He’ll dance naked wearing face-paint…


Damn, that sucks. I’m sorry to! I would of been pissed.


@Whodat66:joy::joy::joy: just saw that post and cracked up, too funny. My girls are very potent without “shock n awe” :joy: and so sticky with resin and now amber… I’m a very happy grower and toker :rofl::rofl::leaves::leaves:


Twerking… Should have said twerking :sunglasses:


11, ones a monster with colas bigger than my arm, buds are dense… super dense and STILL mainly white hairs ") should have another 2 weeks for the indices at least and the sativas has white hairs pointing at the vipar like 6 inches away from it lol


Can I come visit in a few months :wink:


Come right on down man ") when I travel the US for a year or… 3 or 5 I’ll 100% be posting which city or state I’m in as an attempt to meet some of you ") I want to shoot guns, blow stuff up, (for fun controlled explosions, incase anyone freaks out) and see some gardens!


I have the guns, ammo, Tannerite is readily available for the explosion part, and by then I’ll have a garden. So come right up.


Your youngin’s are way too wet in that soil… :wink:
Cut back on your watering and see what happens… :wink:

@McLovin777 we need an update… :wink:
I’ve been out of Commission for a min… life really likes to kick you in the balls right at the last moment when you least expect it… :angry::confused::disappointed::neutral_face::wink::laughing:
I will get you an update pic in a min of flower room… haven’t been out there in 3 days … hope everything is ok… :wink: :smiling_imp::laughing:



Update Pic’s… :wink:
6 girls almost 3 weeks into flower , 1 ilgm ssh-#3 , 1 ilgm ww-#3 , 1- juicy fruit , 2- kb2 and one fruity kush… all photos… :wink:
45 inch x 65 inch floating table with one 600 watt hps in a xxxl 8 inch air cooled hood… :wink:
7 foot tall and starting to grow into the lights… :confused::neutral_face::angry:

:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz… yup I think you’re right! Too wet in the soil. I’m barely misting now. Must be the auto cause big bud is strong and watered the same :grimacing::woman_shrugging::leaves:


You really don’t do much to your girls do ya oeach? XD just chuck em on in there and say flower bitchez flower! Love it


@peachfuzz… woooooow… I’m likin it… six plants looks like triple dat…:joy: very impressive and nice setup…:rofl:


@McLovin777… hey what the hell is XD? Been wanting to ask. Your girls must be younger than mine, got one cola that’s as long as my arm… I have short arms :joy::joy: but lots of amber and milky white on the plants I wanted strong ass strong…


We’re talking 3 foot if it fills in at the bottom :wink:


How to know when a plant is done… I’ll try get some trochmones pics but this cheap Chinese piece of crap doesn’t work… I’ll do my best, I see some amber looking crystals, and a few of the ladies leaves are dying off ") week 8 day 3 of 12 12 so not a bad thing! Any tips from here on out? I plan to just used Ph water and molasses for the flush last week. Although most plants look like they could use extra time as leaves are all green and happy! About 40% amber pistols on a couple. But still mainly white and poking out a quater inch in every direction :smiley: