McLovin's lovin his first grow


@McLovin777… I’m waiting for more amber now but my weed is already strong enough. I vegged for too long too. Big Bud is probably going to flower the full 12 wks., wish I flipped switch sooner and jump start for 24 hrs dark (have to read up on that)… these are not autos. Now I have 2 autos & 2 fem, then just autos for rest of winter. You won’t mess up…2 ways to dry…wet bud dry which is trimming all fan leaves and leaves around colas cause they dry and curl around bud, but I like little of that, has resin on it (this is how I did it) and forgot name of other way but it’s cut stem at bottom and hang it, trim when dried… all the great people from ILGM left all that info in my journal and it’s there if you take look, in case I screwed it up :joy::leaves::leaves: think I need a bong hit now :grimacing:


@McLovin777…I bought wave air freshener crystals and put the rack on a table with door closed in bedroom with dehumidifier on kinda kept smell contained in our room. I’m moving the tent to another spare room after harvest, can’t be in the bedroom… wthell was I thinking :flushed::flushed::leaves:


we live and learn @bonnie1


@BIGE… I sure been learning a lot lately!! Lol :joy: Here is a pic of my baby girls that recently popped. When I harvest the rest of my girls I will take pics of the big beautiful colas that I can’t wait to taste. Chocolade has a great taste and wonderfully strong smell that I just can’t describe… so great :rofl::rofl::rofl:


gotta rotate those crops!!! lol
have you tried cloning any? monster crop?


@BIGE… no haven’t tried cloning yet… just trying autos now and want an abundance of weed before I start experimenting. Want to make hash and I have a link to order the shaker when I’m ready. I’m just trying to harvest all the girls and weigh everything so I can see how much 6 plants produced. I’ll start experimenting after I get thru one year probably… someone explained cloning to me in this journal, just have to look it up. What are all the leaves I’m saving good for just cannabutter?


What do you do with the trimming? Is that a dumb question? :confused:


No that’s not a dumb question dude, make some sort of food item? Use instead of tobacco? Really is patients choice, maybe not advised by all or have any effect but if it tastes good why not I say ")


@McLovin777 :blush: thanks so much for all your posts and pictures. Ive enjoyed following along and reading all you have to say. The pics are gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing what else happens in your life. I’m still pretty new to all this, up until like a month or so ago I didn’t know anything about the planting aspect of things. It was just smoking and enjoying. But I got tired of dealing with the bs like trying to find an being without…so I was like get it def won’t hurt to try lol!!


Ahhh my man… the build up is crazy, obviously depending what you put into it financially and time/effort wise but damn… is it worth it? I’ll let you know once I’m actually out of the woods and across the border! Main thing to think about is electricity bill, heat and heat, heat and humidity and… You guessed it no not heat, sound/privacy ")
Saying that these buds have had days of 92F on occasion…and nights of 85F, and had root rot as you may have seen, and had mildew and been hydro and soil and STILL! they are standing, in all their damn bloody beautiful glory. (Unlike McGregor unfortunately! Haha)


That’s true they have been through alot but holding strong!! Looking forward to it :leaves::seedling::nerd_face: I heard about the fight all day yesterday but didn’t end up watching it :confused:


awesome @McLovin777 looking great!!!


That’s a nice grow !


New photo by Cliff nothreefifty
How long if cam tell from pic till i should shock and flush, when I planted 6 seeds in pottong soil I didnt mark on calender and havent logged anything, old smoker 1st grow lol

New photo by Cliff nothreefifty


Oh man! This is fantastic! Love the awesome pix!
Great grow! :v::seedling:


@McLovin777… wow, those babies are beautiful McLovin… your buds go on and on dude!! :rofl:… I love it! You’ll be all set for awhile after your harvest… never saw buds that tall before :rofl::rofl:


Those are looking great! Awesome job! :+1::+1:


@McLovin777… what about shock and flush… tell me about shock and when you’re flushing please…need to make sure I’m doing everything right :+1:


I paid for the bastard thing and couldn’t get it to work via phone, and my laptops locked me out as I forgot the password… Like a smart arse, they advertise watch it on android or Apple ect and they only had robots as support on fight night… absolutely fuming