McLovin's lovin his first grow


Same day bonnie. SAME GAWD DAMN DAY! you said that I couldn’t resist… I was like well you won’t ever get that big… but then this ones a nice little 2 g nugglet… hmmmm so I ended up getting stoned as absolute shiz Nick looking at the stars with my gf (who was very drunk and passed out, lightweights…) missed out on it so now I had to take more! And it’s all your fault Bonnie! Thankyou :waxing_crescent_moon:


You mean why have I got good bud growth with skinny stems? Ones a 4ft sativa and needs support, always support. Early as possible, means the plant cab focus on growth rather than I NEED TO BUILD MY LEG/STEM MUSCLE MASS TO HOLD MYSELF UP, my plants are in wheelchairs not using their legs much and doing loads of arm/bud workouts


@McLovin777… haha :joy::joy::joy::joy: Lmao McLovin I didn’t mean for that to happen :joy: Just after all your trouble and hard work, you deserved little taste!! Hope you enjoyed it and quality is as good as mine… hot daaaaaam… my weed is tasty strong gooey marvelous… :rofl::rofl:


It’s the best smoke I think I’ve ever had, given the undeveloped bud, it tasted… just exponentially great… even before flush… . Maybe don’t flush? Hmmm


I am wondering the connoisseur level you would have to be at to know the difference.


@McLovin777… I feel the same way!! I’ve been smoking weed since the 70’s and probably have a resistance built up…my weed tastes better and the quality is far more exceptional than any weed I’ve had since tai sticks, remember those? Also took my girl premature, buds were still very potent and smell fantastic! :grimacing::leaves::leaves: p.s. You have to be at level 10 to be a connoisseur like us right McLovin :joy::joy::joy:


Insert angry aggressive comment that is regretted here.


I’m young, grew up with a preference for hash but bud was better price/qual most of the time, rocky/soap bar, red and yellow string thai… I loved Lebanese personally and real potent Afghan goid seal back in the day ")


Dude, lighten up! “questioning integrity?” I am simply saying that I am not to the level of expertise that I would be able to tell the difference. Smoke a bowl.


Sorry bro… what a cock-ril I sounded like, drunk and angry, my bad G.


It’s all about the taste, 'bout the taste, 'bout the taste :cd:


No problem. I love a good single malt whiskey (I’m Irish) but that is the extent of my good taste. Box-o-wine or cheap beer is fine if it does the job. I may get to the point where I can tell the difference between a plant flushed and not flushed, but I’m not the kind of guy that gives a shit.

Does it work? Good. Does it work well? Awesome! Does it taste good? That’s cool too. I don’t deal in mid from the hood, so it all pretty much tastes good :slight_smile: I love smooth, harsh, fruity, skunky, cheesy, turpentine-ey etc.


@McLovin777… you’re a youngin, lol :joy: first time I ever smoked was blonde hash, but later on seemed to disappear never had it again, loved it. Germinated 1ww auto and 1 ss auto…2 big bud fem, but so far only 1 big bud and 1 ww popped! They are tiny little girls. I’ll take pic tomorrow. My sister’s coming up and I’m giving her a bag of amnesia haze!!!:rofl::rofl: she’s gonna love it :grimacing::leaves::leaves:


Ahhh man, I bet she will love it ")


To be fair people will smoke whatever is about, I just wsnt The biggest weight and best quality possible, over ripe has a harsh narcotic effect… But that’s what loads of people wsnt, one nice joint and boom. Smashed for hours


@McLovin777… same here, I like some energetic to get things done but really like strong weed. My plants are being harvested in stages… that’s just the way it turned out but some I’m getting a lot of amber. Big Bud put me down with premature buds wonder what it will be like matured. I started 4 seeds and they all popped now. Still harvesting and now growing, love it :grimacing::leaves::leaves::seedling: I’ll take pics later of final harvest, some colas are so heavy, crystal white, getting amber look gorgeous & smells amazing


How are you drying? It’s my biggest concern at the moment


@McLovin777… my drying is going well but takes 7 days for sure… when I waited for the stem to snap on some (10 days) I felt it was too dry… but still good and smoked well. I like a little goo :grimacing::leaves: … I notice it burns for a long time, more so when it’s little wet in center. What is your concern with drying? Chocolade tastes amazing, with nice head high. All my strains are really potent. My little sister loved her weed & bag I gave her. She loved quality and couldn’t believe I grew this great weed! Here’s a pic of my new little girls…


I’m hanging my branches after trimming all leaves… put alotta leaves in bags but don’t know what I’m doing with them yet. If you look on my site you’ll see how I hung them from a rack, now using garden ties, they work great.


Just the fear of Fing up on the home stretch yknow? I vegged for a stupid amount of time which cost me a tone in power… also need to figure out how and where to dry these babies without smell, and my flaming 60-100x isn’t here yet! Grrr, I’m pretty sure none are done yet anyway, we shall see I’ll post pics later ")