McLovin's lovin his first grow


Words of wisdom from. Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith: I believe that no matter how random things may appear, there’s still a plan. :heart:




Blew my mind right there, genuinely love being reminded I’m so insignificant, nothing really matters in the grand scheme of things.
But these girls are so beautiful they matter to me.


Looking frosty @McLovin777! Can’t wait to see you harvest these ladies!


Awesome lookin! :dark_sunglasses:


Anyone care to guesstimate yield? Hahahahaha looking through this journal I’ve been asking since they where in veg xD funny how you live learn and grow.


I had to re-read your post because ay first run I swore I read McFrosty!! So from now on, @McLovin777 will always be McFrosty in my head…hahaha

BTW, super buds and even better pictures of them!!


Screw auger. Screw it


Ladies and gents, week 5 of 12 12, sneak peak of things to come ") not bad for a new kid on the block if I do say so myself.


i’m mclovin it!!!


Disclaimer - Mclovin hates McDonald and would monkey stop his clowny head if he could.


ba da ba ba ba, i’m lovin’it!!!
lol @McLovin777 just pulling your chains!
those are some great looking buds !!


The morning gardens closed! Where’s the new hang out? Looking for some good hillbilly type music and I’m sure I’ve come to the right place :wink:


even the new morning garden?


Looking good @McLovin777! Really nice looking buds. You’ll be flying high in no time :+1:


Awesome lookin budz!


@McLovin777…hey buddy :grimacing::+1: cool pics and beautiful buds… they sure do matter to me too. After everything you went through, you should be proud!! They truly are gorgeous… what’s happening now? Where you at, the waiting stage like me? That cannabutter sure was interesting but don’t think my stomach could handle it., lol :joy: you must be enjoying your trim and little gooey popcorn buds… like me :grimacing::leaves::herb::seedling:


Saving it all miss Bonnie, self control, reasonsbly intense training and eating right are my priorities til harvest ")


@McLovin777… self control… you must have an extra stash somewhere, lol :joy: or are you going without like I did? The little buds on the bottom branches are wonderful and hard to resist if you’re tapped out like me… enjoy your weed :grimacing::herb::leaves::leaves::seedling:


Mine were 2 inches by time they had that much leaf and spindly wonder why¿ they still kinda skinny stocked,