McLovin's lovin his first grow


I was worried as he’ll when Donald thought it was a bad move to, thanks max, may have just been lucky but either way… learnt a lot. Thanks to all you boys and girls that is!


I think I told you the same thing. These plants are pretty resilient


That’s an understatement really, one plant I was so certain was going to die, lost 80% root mass and what was left was a shitty grotty thin brown falling to bits strand basically as thick as a vape tank, amazing plants. Love them


“Wish I just went for good equipment initially, I’ll have to get one this week.”


Saves you time money stress and pure annoyance. What’s your set up or plan for a set up?


I almost hate to say it… It appears that I’ve done just about everything wrong.

I guess I should start a journal titled “Doing almost everything wrong and still hope to get away with it.”.


Talk to me supa, what’s have you got, what’s your financial situation and what are you looking to yield. Also how much space ect, I’m no pro but f $#k me have I had to deal with some shitty situations, bet I can help ya.


OK, you asked for it. :slight_smile:

First off, I apologize in advance… written/text communication is very easy for me to screw up. That being said.

4 years ago I lived in Colorado, where they’re healthy, high, and happy. While living there, due to my poor choices in life, I ended up moving in with a buddy who needed a roommate. He did 2 harvests while I was living there. He proved to me that you don’t have to spend hardly any money at all to grow really good weed. He absolutely proved it by going to Home Depot with me and purposefully picking out the cheapest potting soil he could find (very specifically avoiding looking at anything other than price). Bought a bottle of fish oil and a normal tube florescent light. He received change for his $20 bill. He ended up with a couple of newer 100w normal light bulbs and 2 garage/outdoor spotlight kinda lights. That’s it!! GDP and some kind of Kush. Used the fish oil once at end of veg and twice during flower. 5 or 6 people mentioned that he had the best by far!! This is when many peeps are trying to get others to “try mine, try mine”.

This backstory is my reasoning behind the madness I have started. I can’t post pics because my wife doesn’t want me to and even posting makes her a little nervous. She will come around after the 1st good harvest though.

Anyways, I have a 2x4x60" tent with a cheap 1000w knockoff LED from Amazon (think I paid around $140). I have 2 cheap fans from WalMart that I have set up on 2 vents (one of few things I’m doing right), intake at the bottom and exhaust on other side at top. Bought some Black Boss seeds from a dispensary in CO and did the ol 24 hour soak in distilled water (which works perfectly, 3 for 3 germinated). So, put MiracleGro in 3 5 gallon buckets and wisely I just dumped the 1st shot glass in the middle of the MG and as soon as the water was settled… BAM!! No seed to arrange/orient properly, it disappeared and I didn’t want to disturb everything looking for it. So, smart guy that I am, I created a shallow indention in the next 2 and BAM!!! As soon as the water settled, no seeds. Needless to say, 24 hours later 2 little girls poked their heads up and 2 hours later there were 3. Woot Woot. That was the morning of 07/24. They certainly don’t compare to most peeps pics at 2 weeks but. They are starting their 2nd set of growth over the first 2 little round leaves and look ok except for some yellowing caused by (you’ll never guess ) over watering. I have purchased a light/ph/moisture tester and promised myself not to do it again.

My head hurts now. All that ^^^^ and I probably still didn’t answer your questions correctly. I sure wish I would’ve read through all the guides before I started.


No time like the present! You got plenty of time. I’m sure you’ll do just fine


Miracle grow is probably too hot (too much nutes for seedlingszl you want a light seedling soil bro bro. That’s probably the yellowing right there maybe nute burn… just keep at it and tag me so I can stay updated ") I messed up so many times… it will work out in the end just ask questions and read a lot from this site and you tube videos. GL to you sir.


@McLovin777… daaaammm, you really been through it even still… :joy: Your girls look great though, nice big fat buds! I’m still gettin mine straight and hopefully coming along fine now for the duration… yeah right. My buds are like yours, I’ll have to take some pics tomorrow. When did you start flower, I forgot? Hopefully won’t be long now, mine aren’t autos, seems like forever since I began :neutral_face:


33 days since 12 12 ") still a he’ll of a long way to go . 92% are advertised as 8 week strains but I hear it’s usually two weeks more… the stairs is 19 week… so 3 month flower possibly… urghhhhhhh although I’ll be able to smash all the lights on her as she is pretty damn tall. How long have you been 12 12ing?


@McLovin777… since July 5th, switched to 12/12. I don’t know how much longer this is going to take, another 7 wks is too long for me to wait… soooo anxious :weary: I just hope my girls hang on!! Some of the leaves are discolored. The girls are big, hope I get a great yield :crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks bunches McLovin777, I’m doing it.


Let me see let me see let me seeeee! My annoying situation is 1 plant is double the height, I really wish I could put her solo in a 3 x 3 woth side lights ect but lesson learnt aye. If she yields the most I’ll be doing her next time ")


@McLovin777… yes, I’m having a similar problem. My small tent is only 5 ft tall and one girl is growing right up to the light, and the rest are trying to catch up! I’m going to put my light to the side if I can, closer to shorter girls, idn :woman_shrugging: no place to go if this doesn’t work. Small tent too small for 3 girls, found out too late!:flushed: Big tent doing good with 2 LEDs & lots of room. I think our girls are close in age…I’ll try to get pic without lights on, gotta hit that bong before I farkin water again :joy::herb::leaves::seedling:


Top tip bonbon, 5 10 mins before lights are due to switch on use flash on your phone in the dark and you get these sexy assed pics ")


My theory exactly, doing it as cheap as possible. I mean, at some point it’s cheaper to just buy the good stuff…

I wish I had the knowledge on here when I started, but it’s basically a weed. Any of the advice on here or anywhere else can be adjusted to meet your needs. Plants need nitrogen? Coffee grounds. Bugs in the soil? peroxide. etc. I like the fish oil idea. Like burying fish in a garden for fertilizer.


Wow! @McLovin777
I’ve just finished reading your journal and I must admit I’m drooling on my dang phone! Awesome grow! Very interesting with real life happening at what seemed like warp speed! :eyes: You are doing a great job! It’s like someone says I wouldn’t try that and you took it as a challenge to do it and make it work! I love it when a plan comes together! (Even when it wasn’t really part of the plan)

I hope you don’t think I’m stalkin you Baahaa… I really enjoyed the read and all the great information here. What a roller coster ride!
^5’s to ya for pulling this off in style! :sunglasses:


Means more than you know Chick, HARD WORK! HARD WORK! (Sorry I’m pumped as ffff for this fight ") hope you know that’s an A team quote, bet they stole it off someone though so you’ll probably school me saying in the 80s… "D Anyway, stalking is a good thing on this site, stalk the plants and they have less chance of cheating on you and getting plant STD’s ect thanks for the compliments, I did challenge advice from pros trying to make life easier for me, as you do when your a stubborn son of a awesome mum.