McLovin's lovin his first grow


Just over 3 weeks…thats since switching to 12/12 @Banksmoney6485


Impressive stuff. Can’t beat hps for penetration. I have 1k w led and it’s just not the same as how or mh, nice big room, led for veg and 4 nice 600w hps cool tubes for flower is my plan.


Sounds like a good plan to me!:+1::+1:


In veg I start them out with T5’s and then move them to 600 mh… they luv the T5 bushes them up nice for the mh


I wonder if there’s ever been a grower who hasn’t thought the exact same thing?!?!


About the plan or light penetration?


I would say the penetration I miss my 1000w HPS lamps all the time however I don’t miss the power bill from getting rid of the heat and simply running them lmao


Thats why u go with 2 600w hps/mh. Lol


Your not using… le…leee…le…eleeeeeeeDS? Impossible surely Mr high watts :open_mouth: i bet you only downgraded to 600w… acting all but hurt haha try non 1000 per light leds and youll know true annoyance


I use Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) also known as Ceramic Metal Halide CMH they are 315w I run 3 of them when I designed my grow space it was self sustaining being the goal :wink: Since I see winter temps that hit below minus 30c for weeks at a time and stay in the -10c average for about 4 months I needed to be able to recycle heat from lights. That means always have atleast 1 light or more on to heat remaining space 1000w lights produce too much heat during summer and in my 3 light rotation and foot print would actually be too large and I have no regrets going to LEC’s
If anything I would simply add 2 more I would compare them to a between a 400 and 600w HPS any day of the week without the yellow colour and with PAR and UV way higher per watt :slight_smile: my plants stay lush and green until I start flush losing only leafs shaded out by canopy. My current configuration held temps in the 70’s in -20c weather using just single light during winter before I added another r-12 to ceiling and had wind under my floor will have it skirted so no more wind to suck heat away I simply vent to room outside space then it mixes with fresh air and pulls it back in slightly cooler and cycles that way at flip of a damper no heater needed.


Interesting… remember reading something about LEC but don’t know much. Do they produce less heat than hps? I may have to follow your lead Donald ") I just set up a 3 gal an hour dehumidifier, and I thought it wouldn’t need continuous drainage… ha! Filled the half gal storage box in 6 hours or less. So I’ve devised a solution after stabbing my tent a couple times


you can save water from dehumidifier to water your plants it is distilled water so very good for mixing nutrients and flushing plants also you are paying for it anyway on your power bill :wink: LEC’s are absolutely awesome they have a CRI colour rendering index in the 90’s meaning no discolouration can hide produce more PAR/W than any other HID and UV prevents molds and reduces/kills bugs. can run same bulb entire grow since they are good full spectrum produces less heat than HPS or MH but they aren’t cheap to buy Ballasts can be used with standard already owned shades cool tubes etc… with an bulb adaptor and yes they are dimmible


Awesome. Awesome. Awsome. Will have to take a pic of the buds in a sec, they be packing on some serious weight ")


Well it seems I didn’t do so bad thus far, had root rot, PM, luckily no flaming bugs… but so far we’ve smashed them all, feel like I’ve had a very harsh first grow but to be fair I went against everyone’s advice and went bigger with more ladies so that’s on me. Hydro and soil… damn I’m a stubborn bastard. Ah well hope it all pays off in the coming weeks.
This is DAY 31 under the dome, and rashions aren’t dwindling. Anyone know why a few leaves are curling side ways and if the choc haze monstrous beast has a difficiency?

Help with diagnosis

Hell ya! That’s the way you do it …very nice job @McLovin777


Now that what you call a tent full of bud!
All together now! DAMN IT MAN!


I wonder how hard it will be to trim for the first time, with this many colas "D one plant has like 10 and the rest have 8 or more… some lots more


I just read your thread from start to finish. What a miraculous job you did combating the problems you had along the way. Great Job and good luck with the harvest.
I really picked up a bunch of good tips reading this.


I have to tell you, @McLovin777 when you moved from DWC to dirt I thought it was a big mistake. But you pulled it off. Well done

I love it when the buds get all frosty. It reminds me of Christmas. Maybe you can get Santas Elves to help you trim them up


Thanks my man, I tried to document as much as I could. And I’m really glad you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes ") 1. Fire alarm and test it, fire extinguisher is always a good safety precaution if your going for a reasonable sized grow, powder so you can spray electric stuff. GL to you my dude.