McLovin's lovin his first grow


Awesome new toy, wish I got one eearlier.


What going on here need to show us the new toy not just tease us lol @McLovin777


LED green light for headlamp or ball cap?


Yes sir a green head lamp, the ones in a hat are really cool, my dad’s a fiend for head torches, hat torches ect


Is the head light just to help look at em when they’re in dark?


Hadn’t seen your babies for awhile. Had to sneak a peek . Cool light


Indeed it is, lights on it’s pretty pointless



Lookin good buddy… really good… :wink:
I’ve been out of the loop for awhile because of a bunch of crap going down… :wink:
Hopefully I’ll get back on track and tag you in on my thread when I do…
Don’t rush things and be patient , you still have several weeks ahead of you… :wink:


Ayeee peachy, how you been bro? What’s been happening?


One of these pics looks lilike revenge of the white budwalkers


nice work they look perfectly happy


Thankyou bro. I truly hope they are. Snapped a couple of those 1m… flaming branches accidentally when trimming yesterday, should recover though.
I can only imagine how great the choc haze would do in a skrog, sativas in skrog just makes so much sense


They will fatten up nicely @McLovin777 agree with @AMUSED2DEATH they look happy and healthy
Nice work brother


Thanks country. Gawd daym hope your right.


He’ll yeah they will look at all the hairs you have hairy flowers equals big fat bud @McLovin777 :+1:
I wouldn’t lie to you brother


They are looking great…lots and lots of buds how many you got going there? :+1:


Too many to count… they already need support, too many bud sites lol guna have to make a bamboo cage thing around all of them tomorrow me thinks, it’s so awesome seeing the bud depth, the 360w actual red one is covering 4 plants and a bit more and has about 10 inch deep of decent hairy bud growth even under the canopy of leaves ect… absolute beast, highly recommend ZNET for penetration, the viparspectra really isn’t that amazing and gives off a stupid amount of heat in comparisson. Can’t. Wait. To. Set. Up a. Large. Damn. Room.


Nice job! My two cheese plants are crazy both around 5 ft wide buds everywhere I’m going to do the same build a cage with bamboo sticks…they are already falling all over the place lol…the sd’s are a much sturdier plant…I’ve got 2 plants per 1000w hps I get great penetration also…no airy buds…well almost none lol…the 2 cheese plants didn’t have my glasses with me when I took this


@WillyJ how far into flower are you bro?