McLovin's lovin his first grow


yeah its been that fwarking cold in Melbourne have the plants on 24/0 thought rather warmth etc. Turned em off today for six hours came back temp was 12 deg and hum at 91 per cent. Did have extraction fan off tho and didn’t put heater on. Will be looking on ebay and amazon this week brohiam :slight_smile:


Always have extractor on is a good idea dude, plus if you get one a dehumidifier with settings you can have it so it stays at 50 or whatever so lights on it won’t even run (lights off is the bitch of it)


its just so fwarking cold here mate
and I’m in the garage


still trying too dial it all in have just put a reservoir outside the box and have too dial the heating in tomoz I’m confident it will all be fine.


Nice nice brother. There Georges plants man. Great job. What week # are you at?


Also, @Drsmeg what type of lighting are you using?


18 days today so 3rd week to my knowledge, hoping they will get huge over the next f3w :slight_smile:


Just took a few pics and noticed the first sign of what looks like thc or… I don’t know, something more bud like :smiley:


@rodri59 just tryna stay positive


2 down…


What did you do , thin them out a lil?


I’ve got to do a final trim on mine also…looking fantastic!:+1:


Today was a productive day, over 2 hours moving, trimming and tidying up a little, good fun. Choc haze is starting to topple already… what a strain! 43 inch tall… and in a 1 gallon fabric pot… amazing. Can only imagine if I had a 5 gallon pot with her :sunny:


How to make canna butter out of your trim and become less wasteful, remember when you were 16-18? Or just really fancied a smoke. You’d of killed for that trim.

First get your trim, get out any dead or crappy looking stuff, leave stalks, immature flower heads and leaves.
Weigh it up for shits and giggles.


Then chop roughly, it’s like basil you can even rip it or use scissors.

Then melt your desired amount of butter, i did a pound as I had too much trim plus wasn’t dried so needed more butter.

Then mix in your roughly chopped, ripped or snipped trim.

Now your going to want to spend 45 mins to an hour in the kitchen, so get out the boogy box or a decent book.
Your going to want to pretty much continuously stir it ideally while it simmers. Butter is super easy to burn so I wouldn’t leave this unattended.

After 25 mins it starts to come together.


will eedit the post with final product and taste test this stuff on toast :hamburger:

When this happens… without it burning it’s ready.

Time to strain.

(Don’t use your girls pathetic plastic MELTABLE strainer… use a man strainer)

Time to let it sit with a tight make shift tinfoil hat until cool then freeze or chuck in the refrigerator.

And this ladies and gents, this is the purely usless crap left over with no cannabis smell, colour or benefits.


I do the same thing but I do it all in my crock-pot on low for 12+ hours, works great and is super easy to do without messing it up lol!



Slow cooker on low heat, can’t beat them


Did you decarb the med first??? :herb:
And was it dry??? Pics couldn’t say…lol


I didnt… to be totally honest it crossed my mind to chuck it in the oven but I didn’t want the house being stunk up, learnt the essentislness of decarbing lesson today


To be fair It was mainly to make some flavoured butter, tastes nice and seems to have some sleepy, relaxing effect, perhaps boiling it gently for 50 mins did something