McLovin's lovin his first grow


Why not one of each?


Rite. Get both. I think im gonna get another 600w led because the one i just baught doesnt have inferred or uv light in it. Just the white red and blue. An i didnt see that until after i made the purchase. So i dont think its as good as leds with uv an if light. What do u guys think?


Mostly I don’t need one of each cuz I already have a 300w led and 2 150s and half a 4sqft grow space n a 1.5 sqft grow space. For my tent I really only either need the 400w cob or 2 300w lights. You don’t wanna go too much higher over 50watts per sqft right? Too much light is a thing right?


Sure is a thing, 50 actual watts mind You, for led it’s probably closer to 35 I’d guess.
I’d go with the cob or the yellow beast, they both look like great lights in all honesty but if I could fit it I’d probably get both and not use one led. You’ll want another tent next grow anyway I bet haha

DAY 11ish of 12 12
It’s a beautbeautiful experience seeing something grow.


Yayyy awesome brother!!! There throwin hairs!!! Lol


Very true lol. Already know I wanna get a 2x4 as soon as my roommate moves out


Hey @McLovin777 do u still have the cool tube for sale? Would u be willing to sell just the cool tube? How much? What about the ballast and tube, how much for both?


Depends where you are plus that’s dodgy as fudge giving info to one another, I mean it’s just stupid as for all you know I’m a fed and vice versa (safety first wear a condom)


P-P-Pretty new light put us at about 1200 led actual


how much for the new grow toy?lol nice!
i’m in the market to buy one,but still on the fence.


130 bucks sir BIGE got a crazy good deal brand new, couldn’t believe my luck as I saved like 60 or 80 bucks, got those sexy dimmer switches and all :smiley:


mmmmmm,dimmers…i like those!


i’m looking at a diy kit from ledfullspectrum for a cannabis colosal, a guy is supposed to send a quote…the light in plug and play is 840 something…i hope the kit would knock off a few dollars…lol 832w


832 actual watt? That’s nuttttsss mate, I just lux metered all mine and the 360w had 35k lumen at like 22inch, can only imagine what yours will do, crappy cheap leds have nothing lux wise compared to decent brands from my tests even though the crappy one looks way brighter to my eyes… interesting


Ok brother. Nevermind. I apologize if i offended you bro. Im not trying to scare people or you, lol. Im new to this whole, online group chat stuff lol. Ill pump the brakes mate but i do have a quick question if you could help me out real quick?


Go for it banks, its not that I’m just cautious and paranoid to an extent, if say not doing this is cautious but some might say it’s paranoid… I call those people sheep



Great work mc.
What brand is that tape measure hahaha sorry joke.
Have loved watching this thread its been entertaining and enlightening.
Love youre passion bro and thank god youre not far from tasting some sweat lovely home grown bud cheer
Awesome mate


and by the way where did you get the humidifier I need one urgently mate and cant find one at a decent price ??


Amazon and eBay just find the one you want on Amazon or Google then search via Amazon and eBay for the best price, cost 70 bucks I think but it really is very cool, set desired humidity and it’s sorted ")