McLovin's lovin his first grow


They sure are not specific on coverage area. 6200 sq inches? WTF is that? Wouldn’t that be like 43sf if I’m doing the math correctly?

The 600w light says:
Illumination area: One panel about 8 square feet
Effective illumination area: One panel about 21.5 sq.ft - 43sq.ft

21.5 to 43sf? A little vague isn’t ti?


I think the whole light is designed to be like a roof, e.g. 4 in a row with 20cm space between or less, seems cool to me. Yellow light… sun looks yellow to us… makes sense? Ill order s few when these babies are flowering and let anyone who’s interested know.


I boufht similar and used 2 during bloom. It was a nice boost.


I’ve got a shiz tone of lights now…
X2 180w red spec led
X 1 200 w blue spec led
X 1 360w z net 12
X 1 master series 300w
600w cool tube HID I need to sell.
Planning to get a few ufo lights or a couple 4 ft t5s as heat is getting pretty serious lol 95 some days… yet they are still happy with it


My plants are 2ft tall in the second day if 12/12… 2 pound goal… here they come.

P.s yes the choc haze will be getting extra nute s tomorrow the fat fudge packer.


Dope looking plants man!


@McLovin777 sell me one light


Want one for real as I do have a couple I don’t mind selling


They look awesome!


@McLovin777 yeah I might need one for side lighting lol .


I’ve still got one that’s not in the tent at the moment, heat rises too quickly this time of year


when they boing into flower bro or you already there ??


oh sorry second day *cheer


Well well well check this choc haze out, shes absoutely killing it. Will do a full update at some point this week cough 11 inch growth in 8 days…! Flip to flower people. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Wow, they have shot up! Got some pretty girls!


Do the branches look all ok and non male ect? I’m going to lose my shit if ones male and poliantes them all…


I didn’t see anything in your pictures that look male… :wink:
I think your good to go… take some more pics in a week and we’ll have another look just to make sure… :wink:
Lookin good @McLovin777


Hey @ktreez420 I’m about to order a new led. I’m leaning towards the roleardo you showed to me rather than getting another Mars hydro 300w and running my tents light with 2 of the same. But basically I’m wondering your opinion on if I should just pony up an extra 35$ and get the roleadro 400w. The 400w is one of those LEDs that just have like 2 big chips instead of a panel of a bunch of chips. I’m also kind of thinking of maybe just getting a roleadro 200w because my tent is only 2x2 and technically the 300w I have in it with a 130w actual draw is almost enough watts be sqft. What would you go with buddy?


Hey mclovin, imo id go with the 300 or 400. Prolly more with the 400 but also check what the lumens and par of the 2 lights an whatever one is more efficient than roll with that one bro. When i got my 2 600w hps lights, i really wanted to go with 2 1000w hps but i did some research an saw that the 600 watt puts out more with the electricity it uses then 1000. Like a 600 puts out 90,000 lumens an the 1000 puts out 145,000 lumens i think so i went with the 600. Also bro if heat isnt a issue, more light=more bud ya know? Im still a newb tho bro. Your prolly wayyyyyy smarter then me tho. Lol


Bot sure about smarter matey, ideally you want 1 600w with 2 600w viparspectra or 2 400w cobs or something, everyone I’ve spoke to says led and Hid is just the tits… get the bet of both and all ect
Heats just a bitch plus the cost on your bill is huge… I run like 900w of led and it’s more pricey than I first imagined especially when you add up everything else