McLovin's lovin his first grow


thank you man, I appreciate that.


High powered sodium - Metal halide - 2 different types of bulbs - MH for vegetation HPS- for flowering stage


and now they have Dual spectrum, which is like a mix of each :slight_smile:


Thankyou for explaining :+1:


Got another 2 300w LED’s on the way too :slight_smile: so it will genuinely be like a space ship, plan to angel them on the far ends of the tent at 180 degrees - so it goes through the middle of the canopy


It’s crazy just how much information moves on this site… lol
@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah I see HVAC guys running up and down these roads and I have a bunch of friends that are HVAC guys out here and we all kind of do our thing… but yeah they make a good living I guess …you gotta understand we work for our money out here… you don’t get paid tons because we’re in a small area… but the people that are here tend to be halfway decent and a lot of them are retirees and so they have a few dollars to spend …you just can’t be one of those guys out there raping people for no reason and trying to get rich or else your kind doesn’t last long in my neck of the woods… :smiling_imp: but I would have imagined you’d be able to get by with no problem if you can deal with the heat LOL … :wink:
@deb1 it sounds like @McLovin777 has answered your question… I just can’t believe that information moves so quick on here… I glanced away for 2 minutes and there’s already 30 different questions asked or 30 answers submitted … LOl :wink:

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Welcome to ILGM. Can’t wait to see your grow log. Your planning looks great for your tent. The movement of the filter is a good idea to move the heat a little better with all three near the exhaust @Countryboyjvd1971 . I like the LED in the middle, that should really make some rock hard nugs ! Good luck on your grow. Jerry


they wouldn’t be Mars Hydro lites would they?


Oh boy you gone be in for a nice surprise running both spectrum Led Advance Spectrum Maxx with HPS is gone give them full range spectrum, I hope you have help trimming when you done.


Thank you good sir.


Aha! good question.
Currently no they aren’t, i have one here that i got second hand (has one of the pins in the charger bent) so getting a replacememnt send to me by the guy off ebay.
Now he advertised at 300w actual - so if its under 250w or maybe 200w - il get 2 mars 600w (think they are 250w actual give or take)
And the other LED that’s on route is unbranded - but says its 303w actual power draw for… 109GBP - which is cheap as tits! so again, if its not genuinely the draw they all staed, will buttt F them on price. Partial refunds all round! or hamstring them with ebay and the laws of false advertising.
And if worst comes to worst! screw um, send them both back and buy a couple mars hydros :slight_smile:
I presume you have… 2 or 3 300ws? (at a guess) are they any good?


Country boy! my man! are you online?


@peachfuzz @Ragnar either of you guys online?


bro have heard mixed reports on those mars lights …just saying blink


Yo … what up my man…

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Just got back from greenhouse visit, checking my babies…:slight_smile:


sorry guys, I overkilled my @ing people when I realised my babies where in a spot of trouble (made a thread about it) Problem is, we got no rock wool! and no hydro system til Monday, or hopefully rockwool tomorrow.
Just checked the seeds in tissue… 1 inch tap roots and a couple little yellow leaves on top… they have totally abandoned the seed casings (its pretty horrible to watch… she needs light, I know she needs light.


One leaf of mine . On the back end of it has a little golden yellow . What is the mean of that


Well, if you think it is so acute, I would place them and n a pot with my wife’s houseplants :slight_smile: but that’s just me, the guys will tell you best what to do …
Good luck !


As u can see the plants are doing ok . I’m a beginner myself . Can anyone help with any tips