McLovin's lovin his first grow


Dear diary,

2.4 x 1.2 x 2m tent
6" fan - will replace for a 8inch phresh hyper fan before 4th week of veg,
600w dual spectrum - digital ballasts on route, use magnetic as spares.
600w MH - digital ballasts on route, use magnetic as spares.
350W actual LED
x14 special queen seeds
X 2 HPS bulbs
10 x 21L DWC bucket system with 9inch ait’s
10 x rockwool cubes
great white powder
dehumidifier 2.5L x 2
seedling heat mat and domes
PH tester
PPM tester
another PH tester strip
6" clip on fans x 2
vortex 8" fan

Growing indoor this year, need lighting tips
What can the roots and branches be used for
Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow
A yield guess if possible.. we're getting closer

To date -
14 seeds in paper towels on heat mat
rolled in great white
pictures are safe, will update setup pic once completed.


Sounds like a solid set up @McLovin777 can’t wait to see it :grin::+1::v:️️CB


Who’s going to make some pretty girls? Oh yes you are :slight_smile: (talking to the lights incase anyone wondered wtf)

Durban poison,first time grow

Hey if I could make a suggestion since your running two hps of Mh light I would if possible get your filter located more central in tent maybe above LED light to help pull hot air from those light just a suggestion trying to prevent hot spots in tent bro looking good :blush: otherwise


That does sound smart to be fair. At veg stage I wont be using all of them probably, and digital ballasts will be here by the time they go in the bubblers (which will decrease heat anyway Id imagine)
So then I can have the MH and DUAL on 150w or 400w ect (I cant wait to see if one side or middle has better results man!! its almost an experiment to)
And by that time il get a PHRESH beasty and get rid of this crappy fan kit, so at that time il wack it behind the LED sideways if its doable! thanks for the idea, its a good’un! then everything will be even hopefully.

Another cool idea is to raise the tent a couple inches on the side of the fan - then the heat will all go to that corner, and thus have a hot spot… where you want it :wink: smart idea I reckon.


That would most likely work also if you have the room to raise it
I personally have 0 room I’m right up to ceiling in my basement with my tents


I’ve got a good foot, but I was only thinking about putting a bit of rubber and line one end side, surely the heat should go to the top then go along the roof if its 2/3 inch higher on one side - sort of like this

//////// but obviously at less of an angle


can you link me to your journal dude? want to check it out


Ok I will sir
I have two one I just started the other I just finished but I’ll tag you into both bro


I just checked on my 14 baby girls, and… and… I SEE SOME ROOTES!!! I SEE MY FIRST BABIES TAP ROOTS!!!
I already know they will grow up and make their father proud, I think the feeling I have now is 25% of having seeing your human baby being born (I don’t have kids yet)


It looks awesome, every time I see the picks of you guys grow tents I feel like in some scify movie, I just have plastic greenhouse to get them started, then they go to forest to mature…
Looks great, good luck !!


thanks man, spent a pretty penny on this one :slight_smile: I may one day go for outdoors… Id love to, but the weather is such utter crap where I live!


That’s a nice set up my man… but what is your reasoning as far as the three separate lights… on the left you have HPS , in the middle you have led and on the right you have MH …so what are you thinking , one plant under each fixture of a clone from the same mother to see the difference in growth or are you just doing a crazy weird Frankenstein experiment…? I’m just trying to understand what you’re doing… but either way it looks good my man… you got a good head start for sure… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Nah man its dual spec on left, MH on right :slight_smile: ( originally was two MH but it had glass inside ect so got binned, and the guy sent me a dual instead, so will be cool to see which one does best)
I’ve spent everything I got man, without leaving myself penniless… legit. Its all for personal, so hopefully I wont have to pay for my medicine for a year with one grow! if I can get like… 2/3g x 365 :smiley:
It was never meant to be an experiment… the mix of lights is to get the best possible yield and quality of buds… LED - makes um dense, HPS makes them big and frosty.
Soo I guess it should just give a nice fat yield.
Seeds going in 10 x 21L bubllerz so 10 plants
I have 14 seeds in paper towels right now, so may conceder using 2 in 1 pot in a few, not sure if that’s a good idea or not.
Where you from anyway dude?


Sounds like a good plan you have… where I live we call it the devil’s a****** because my temperatures get to be 225 degrees during the summer and sometimes even higher … I guess you could call it hell but I don’t see any demons and I don’t see any angels LOL… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Holy carp @peachfuzz where do you live inside a volcano hahaha jeezzz man that’s crazy I’d make a ton of $ around your way hahaha


What does HPS and MH mean? Ive seen it heaps


Very nice set up


painful isn’t it! Imagine being able to go plant 100 plants in a nice location haha - perfect!!