MBM2 Plant Matter

Ok folks and fellow grow guru’s – I am looking for information on what to do with the plant matter after extraction with a Magic Butter Machine - ??? No where can this be explained… Since there is some liquid loss - that loss is in the plant matter leftovers – how can these be utilized ??? …

Also, has anyone used differing temp’s and run times than what is given in the owner’s manual? – Topic is not addressed in company’s FAQ - and online chat is never functioning - even e-mail them with no response … go figure .

Happy Growing

C’mon people – 30 some odd people have looked at this thread – an NO ONE has an idea???


Put it in a strainer and pour boiling water over the mass of material and catch it in a bowl.
Take that water and place it in the fridge. The oil will float on top and solidify. Scoop it off and you have pretty much got everything you are going to get.